Texas car accident: Benefits of hiring an attorney

In the real world, car accidents are hardly simple. Drivers do not admit to fault, and insurance companies do everything possible to minimize their financial burden. If you were injured in such an accident and believe that the other driver was at fault, consulting a Houston car accident attorney may help. In this post, we are sharing more on benefits of hiring an accident attorney. 

  1. Get free case evaluation. Most attorneys in Texas will offer a free initial consultation, where they will hear your side and offer an evaluation of the case, based on the available facts and evidence. This can give you a fair idea, if and how you intend to pursue the case further. Make sure that you take all relevant evidence, documents, and medical bills with you for the meeting.
  2. Establish liability. What if more than two cars were involved in the accident? What if the accident also involved a commercial truck? In such cases, proving fault an establishing liability may not be easy. If you have a lawyer, they will do the work and ensure that you don’t end up being wrongly framed by other parties. 
  3. Fair investigation. Once an attorney accepts the case, they will initiate an investigation into the matter. They may get detailed statement from witnesses, talk to medical experts about your injuries, and if needed, they can even opt for accident reconstruction. The evidence they collect can help in negotiating with the claims adjuster, which is the next point. 
  4. Better scope of negotiations. The insurance company may adhere to tactics to minimize your settlement, especially if they know that their client has major share of fault. These companies have the best claims adjusters and lawyers working for them. It makes little sense to get into negotiations without an attorney by your side. Top car accident attorneys know how to see beyond insurance tactics. 
  5. File a lawsuit. While most car accident claims in Texas are settled outside of court, not all cases are same. If the insurance company doesn’t accept your claim, or fails to offer an acceptable settlement, your lawyer can take the matter to trial. Just make sure that you hire an attorney with courtroom confidence. 

Choosing between top attorneys in Houston doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you check the experience and expertise of the lawyer. Also, do check if the lawyer will work on a contingency basis for your case.

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Written by David Thacker

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