Reasons That Make Columbia A Hotspot for Budding MBA Aspirants and Entrepreneurs

Columbus is one of the most underrated countries. Currently it is the most populous city in Ohio and is the 4th fastest growing city in the US. Apart from its tourist scene, the career opportunities are in abundance. Forbes has ranked it the 11th best American city for ‘Best Places for Business and Careers’.

What’s even more interesting is that the city has been rated by the Business Insider as the third happiest city in the country which proves Columbus offers fun and a promising career. Are you considering relocating to Columbus for a new job, for new adventures or for a blossoming relationship?

Things to know before moving to Columbus:

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The city and its suburbs offer all kinds of neighborhoods including urban neighborhoods, Victorian Village neighborhoods, Italian Village neighborhoods thus making it easy to find one to your liking. You can also arrange for utilities like electrical, gas, water easily. If you are moving from a different state register your vehicle with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

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What makes Columbus ideal for MBA aspirants and graduates?

Lately many are relocating to Columbus for their MBA degree because of the wealth of employment opportunities MBA graduates. The top reasons students pursuing a graduate degree move to Columbus are:

  • High concentration of Fortune firms: Columbus is the home to 5 Fortune 500 companies, 10 Fortune 1000 companies, over 300 international firms with the largest company of this lot employing roughly over 30,000 people. Fisher College of Business students enrolling in their 2-year MBA program have access to top-notch learning opportunities.
  • Prime location: Located conveniently at the heart of the US and about 45% of US company headquarters are situated within a 10-hour radius makes it a hub for professionals with high career ambitions. It unsurprisingly tops the list of small markets for top tech talent.
  • Diverse and booming economy: The fact that no single industry in Columbus accounts for more than 18% of employment is proof that the city is land of diverse career opportunities. Even during periods of global economic downturns, the city’s economy didn’t stumble.
  • Opportunities for budding entrepreneurs: The Kauffman Foundation granted Columbus the first place for startup growth and second place for venture capital growth ever since 2013. The curriculum at Fisher College of Business is focused on dedicated career coaching and prepares their students to kicks-start their way into the business world.

The innovative tech scene at Columbus has attracted a large number of people towards the city in search of employment and business opportunities. Start your life at one of the world’s smartest cities and reach out for your goal.

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Written by David Thacker

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