Using an EMHT Thermostat

Thermostat Usage and Heating Appliance Tips

Thermostats can appear to be a little complicated, but once an individual learns how to read them, it’s as easy as pie. The job of a thermostat is to let the individuals withing the building know the exact temperature of the location. It also signifies to the HVAC system when to shut off or turn on.

EMHT thermostats

Emergency Heat is what the initials EMHT stands for. Using an EMHT thermostat will allow the device to click on when the home is not getting warmed properly. For example, a heat pump is not designed to heat the home alone, when it is very cold outside.

Gas and Electrical Backup Heat

40 degrees is pretty cold, so the house may start to get chilly, using an EMHT thermostat will kick in and the gas furnace will come on. This type of system is called a fuel/hybrid system. A dual system, that relies on both types of fuel. As a homeowner keeps in mind that using emergency heat is more expensive. So that when a larger than usual gas bill arrives it won’t be a surprise.

But let’s not get confused. Your home can be heated in very cold weather with a heat pump. Even in very cold temperatures, the home can continue to be heated. Some heat pumps turn to the gas furnace, while others turn to the backup electrical heat.

This backup electrical heat is done via the use of electrical coils. While other heat pumps rely on gas furnaces. The furnace kicks on and the home is heated in a quick fashion, making the home nice and comfortable. This particular action is taken care of automatically, the heat pump is forced off and the gas furnace will kick on, which is why it is called emergency heat.

In instances when the heat pump has broken down and simply isn’t working, due to a malfunction, the gas furnace will always be there to assist. But calling a technician as soon as possible will be a good idea. The sooner the repair is made the better, that way the homeowner will not receive such an astronomical gas bill.

Making sure that household thermostats are working properly and up to par is essential. In some cases, the thermostat may need to repair or even replaced. Always have a quick, but the effective home sweep of all heating and cooling appliances, before the cold weather moves in. Avoiding at all costs having to deal with issues such as broken thermostats, lukewarm air coming from furnace or heat pumps that won’t function properly can be stressful.

A Few Tips

If the furnace in a home is pouring out half warm air, it could mean one or two things. Either the temperature is set too low or the air ducts are leaking. Leaky ductwork can cause the household to lose a lot of money towards their energy.

If a household is having an issue with their heat pump, try resetting it. Resetting a heat pump can clear up certain issues when it comes to it turning on or heating properly.

  • Step one- Turn it off
  • Step two- Wait around 60 seconds
  • Step three-Wait 10 minute

Sometimes a system can have a safety lock up it if the breaker is turned off this should reset it. Turning off the thermostat also resets it. Wait up to 60 seconds, then turn it back on. The outdoor system should turn back on within 10 minutes.

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Written by Michael Curry

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