How Poor Truck Maintenance Can Cause Accidents?

The possible injuries in a car crash involving a big truck are frequently severe. The large size gap between the truck and the vehicle increases the risk of catastrophic injuries and major property damage. Truck accidents might result from a variety of factors. A good example is poor vehicle maintenance.

When trucks are not maintained correctly and promptly, there is a significantly increased risk of an accident resulting in catastrophic injuries. A personal injury lawyer Boston can assist you in establishing the cause of the collision and filing a lawsuit against the irresponsible trucking firm.

How poor truck maintenance can cause accidents?

In order to keep companies supplied and stores full, cargo trucks travel an unbelievable amount of kilometers each year. 18-wheelers and other heavy vehicles need maintenance and repairs to remain roadworthy, just like any other type of vehicle. 

Large truck drivers and owners are responsible for keeping their vehicles well-maintained and inspected. How can poor vehicle maintenance increase the risk of a collision? Here are six examples:

  • The brakes on the vehicle degrade when they are not properly maintained.
  • The truck’s fifth wheel connections have ruptured, and since the problem was not discovered during a full inspection, the tractor and trailer resulted in separation.
  • The tires on the vehicle tear when they are not properly maintained.
  • Large blind areas are caused by the truck’s mirrors if installed incorrectly.
  • The taillights of the truck break because they are not properly maintained.
  • The truck’s inadequate inspection does not show that it lacks the appropriate reflective tape.

Drivers are responsible for examining a vehicle and its cargo before hitting the road, in addition to the trucking company’s obligation to replace damaged parts for public safety. Additionally, truck drivers must compile a daily inspection record during each Semi-Truck Being maintained route. 

That check is essential for identifying worn components that need to be changed. Still, it is also essential because cargo loaded incorrectly or excessively could put additional stress on sections already close to collapsing. Unfortunately, there are situations when negligent transportation companies fail to take these necessary precautions, and laws are not upheld.

A big truck accident might result from these maintenance and inspection mistakes. In the case of such a collision, the trucking firm and the driver of the car may be held accountable for any injuries and damage to property. The accident victims may be eligible for assistance to cover their medical expenses, lost wages, and suffering. 

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Written by David Thacker

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