Essential Characteristics of Production Planning and Control

Production planning and control have been deemed an important aspect of the production manager. It would be important to see that the production process has been properly decided in advance. It would also be important that it has been carried out as desired.

It would be pertinent to mention here that production has been related to the conversion of the raw materials into finishing the goods. The conversion process entailed a number of steps inclusive of deciding what to produce, when to produce, how to produce, and more. These decisions would be an integral part of production planning. Therefore, you should rest assured that simply deciding on the task would not be sufficient.

Carrying out the process in a suitable manner

The entire process should be carried out in the best manner possible and at the lowest cost. The production manager would be required to see that the things proceed according to a plan. It has been a controlled function and should be carried in a planned and meticulous manner. Both control and planning of production should be deemed essential for producing better quality goods at highly reasonable prices. It should be done in a systematic manner.

What does production planning entail?

Production planning has been deemed a function of anticipating difficulties, looking ahead, and determining remedial steps to removing them. It could be said to be a technique of forecasting ahead of every step in the long process of production. You would be required to take them at the right time and in the right degree. You should also try to complete the operations at maximum efficiency.

On the other hand, production control would guide and direct the flow of production. It would be done so that the products have been manufactured in the best manner. They should adhere to the planned schedule and should be of high-quality. It would not be wrong to suggest that control usually facilitates the task of manufacturing and witness that everything goes according to your needs.

Characteristics of production planning and control

Let us delve on the various characteristics of production planning and control.

  • Planning and control of the manufacturing process in an enterprise.
  • Several aspects of production have been integrated to be used in an economical and efficient manner.
  • Materials, machines men have been efficiently used for maintaining manufacturing process efficiency.
  • The properly organized manufacturing process is undertaken carefully to utilize every available element.
  • Work would be regulated from the initial stage of procuring raw materials to the finished goods.

Planning of production has been known to precede control and use various inputs in an efficient manner.

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Written by Michael Curry

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