How to Effectively Enhance Brand Awareness For SMEs

What is a brand?

A brand is what you represent as a business out in the world. More than that, it’s personal. For example, if you’re a party service, your logo, back story and mission statement, vision and colours etc. will reflect your party service as unique.

Why make people aware of your brand?

You would make people aware of your brand in ways that are both classic and in the trend. Since the digital age, we’ve brought everything online with innovative ideas. However, the new and the old ways of creating an intimate relationship between your brand and the public still works. It’s because we’re human. Brand awareness is a term you’ll hear in the business arena. Ask 5 people what it means and you’ll get several answers. In this piece, we’ll provide you with a clearer understanding of what it means so you can use this information to your benefit.

Make your Brand Unforgettable with these Easy Steps

Create Memorable Content:

Yes, you’ll hear this to the point of crazy but it’s still true. It’s a classic movie with a twist. You have to really have some top-of-the-line stuff and that’s where most blogs leave you. So, what’s that? Here’s an easy way to do it. First, find a blog that your target market would go to and reach out to do a guest post. You may find you need a reputation somewhere first. This may not be the best idea for a new business.

The next step is to really think of what information you have that will not only help this audience but will bring them something they’ll not receive anywhere else. Sounds tough but it doesn’t have to be. Most people do whatever has worked for them for years and aren’t that creative or proactive.

For example, you really know your craft well. You may be tempted to think that other people in your niche do too. And you’d be right. However, they aren’t you. Everyone has a tribe. Who is your tribe and how do they like to be taught? Has anyone complimented your delivery or style? Take a poll of your clients, friends, and acquaintances you may just discover a hidden talent you can use to help your brand stand out.

Be Shareable:

The first point in this piece will help you throughout all the other brand sharing you do. Be shareable, get on Instagram and Pinterest because they’re visual. Create infographics showing some unique and helpful information. Infographics get shared a lot. People love the color. Remember to always have brand colours. You can have up to 3. This way, you’re memorable. As soon as your following sees those colours, they know exactly who the infographic belongs to.

Be Seen Everywhere

This used to be true for local brands only, but it works quite well on a global level. Why? Because of social media sharing. So, sponsoring a team or partnering at a trade show, festival or fair is still quite effective. Bring those brand colours and logo and allow for as many images as people want to take. Have a raffle and give away a media kit with a giveaway they can actually use daily. Make sure it goes well with your target market. Don’t give away pens to computer geeks. Maybe a branded mouse pad will go nicely.

Social Media Contests

No, these are not dead. They’re fun and your prospective clients are benefitting. They get the chance to win a product or service free. This benefits you twofold. You get your product or service out there and you gain business and referrals.

Social Focus

Facebook is not the God of your small enterprise. We know you only have so much time and energy to spare. This idea that you have to dominate every platform and scatter your reserves is nonsense. Today, the numbers tell us that there’s a platform for everyone. If your brand is very image-oriented, then stick to Instagram and Pinterest. If you are a B2B, then Twitter may be for you. Facebook has diminished to a group-joining platform.

If your business does well in groups, then go for it. Just watch their rules. Facebook has gained a reputation for shadow-banning. Meaning if they don’t like your posts or you aren’t spending money on ads, then no one will see your posts.


You don’t have to be Mother Goose to tell a compelling story that people will remember. Just remember the 5c’s Circumstance, Curiosity, Characters, Conversations and Conflict. Don’t brag about your accomplishments but place yourself in the scenario that hits your audience. Start in the middle of your story where the interesting stuff happens and go back and forth to give a bit of background. TEDx talks are great to watch and learn how to pull this one-off. Painting a picture to fill their five senses must integrate.

What do you think?

Written by Michael Curry

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