10 Reasons An SEO Consultant Should Train Your Team

In the digital age, whether you do business through eCommerce or not, SEO is an essential consideration. Only when you are positioned ahead of your competitors in Search Engine Results Pages can you position your brand in front of prospects at the key “micro-moments” when they are ripe for conversion. 

However, for your SEO strategy to be truly effective, it needs to be woven into the fabric of everything you do to target prospective customers or clients. With that in mind, many brands are turning to SEO consultants not only to help them formulate their strategy but to provide training and coaching for their teams.

And it’s easy to see why when you consider the benefits…

Why an SEO Trainer should train your marketing team

  1. Get better leads 

All SMEs want to be more time-efficient in their operations. And what’s more inefficient than wasting time and effort on low-quality unmotivated leads? An SEO consultant can help your team capture more motivated leads and weed out timewasters.

  1. Better ROI with an improved marketing strategy 

The essence of healthy cash flow is ensuring that every investment you make has a robust and quantifiable return. When your team are trained by SEO consultancy services you know you’re getting the most out of your investment.

  1. Work against competitors 

No matter what you do, your competitors are always snapping at your heels. And a fully SEO-trained team can give you the inside track you need to beat them to the motivated leads that can become tomorrow’s repeat customers. 

  1. Focus on organic traffic instead of paying through the roof for Google Ads 

Paid advertising can give you a surge of initial interest, but if you don’t capitalise on it by finding organic ways to boost traffic, that interest will quickly peter out. An SEO trainer can help you to shift your focus towards building organic traffic, thereby saving you money on paid ads.

  1. Train people to bring SEO inhouse and save money

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. Replace “man” with “SME” and “fish” with “highly motivated leads”, and you get the picture. An SEO consultant can ensure that your team is self-sufficient, so you don’t need to spend as much money on outsourced help.

  1. Upskill staff 

Your employees are just like any other investment, the more you can enhance the value they bring, the better. And an SEO group training firm can help make each team member more valuable to you by growing their skillset.

  1. Expand offerings 

A more empowered team allows you to expand your offerings and deliver greater value to your customers. 

  1. Deliver results 

When your team is fully capable of handling all-things SEO, you have full autonomy to deliver consistently excellent results. And if you notice a dip, you can always rely on a consultant to be on hand to top up their knowledge with refresher courses or additional learning.

  1. Build educational equity

When an SEO consultant trains your team, you own that knowledge. You can them disseminate it to others in your team and build educational equity in your brand. Thus, if a team member leaves your business, you still retain the knowledge gleaned from their training.

  1. Increase your brand value

All of this combines to make your brand more visible and more appealing to your target market, thus increasing the value of your brand and placing your SME on a path to sustainable growth.

Dana Flannery is an SEO Trainer in Brisbane, providing enjoyable and empowering SEO training to SME’s that prepare them to generate new revenue and long term results. 

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