5 Steps for Online Marketing and Lead Generation

Converting solid leads into sales, and potentially profit, is what business is all about. The exciting part of lead generation and business development in today’s world is that all marketing efforts have gone digital. Consumers are online and businesses should be too. Good marketing strategies begin online and stay online. The process of converting potential dollars earned can be done by following these steps.

Step 1) Know and understand your target market

No, this isn’t a joke. Yes, this is the first step for your online marketing plan. Why? So many businesses try to operate without honing in on the actual demographic group that will purchase their service or product. So, know who your true audience is.

Step 2) Get a message and let it be heard

How are you going to round up your target market and make them focus on your brand? Or better yet, how are you getting these people to be your online brand advocates to help drive more potential customers to you. Put your message on your social sites. Create inviting content and blast it to your existing email lists. Offer your opt-ins freebies to stay attached to your brand. Ask them to forward your message to their friends. Ask all of your fans and followers to check out new information on your website. Your social networking sites and email lists will grow with little effort on your end. In addition, the traffic to your website will help you with step #3.

Step 3) Get the missing piece of the puzzle

Invest in lead generation software that allows you to determine the highest priority leads based on their behaviour when visiting your website. This intelligent information will allow you to develop your business by touching the strongest leads first, therefore not wasting time on less potential. Whether this is a planning and productivity tool like Microsoft Project, or lead tracking Like Lead Forensics, it all helps.

Step 4) Contact your leads in more than one way

Send your highest leads personal, text-based emails so they can reply directly to you. Offer them incentive. Call them. That’s right, pick up the phone and speak with them. People like people so don’t be afraid. Let your best contacts know that you cherish their advocacy by announcing it on social sites or giving them a gift. The more you talk to them and about them, the more they will advocate for you, bringing you more potential leads.

Step 5) Convert to sales

This process really happens on its own. Your potential customers will make a purchasing decision based on how well you did steps 1-4.

Finally, rinse and repeat. Do all these steps over and over again. Change your messaging, offer new information, drive more traffic, convert more leads, make more money. And that’s what it’s all about.

What do you think?

Written by Paul Watson

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