How to Choose Long-term Self-Storage

Having too much stuff can be stressful. It doesn’t matter how many nifty storage solutions you implement; you might still struggle finding room for everything. This is the case whether you’re a hoarder or not. When you have a family, even fitting the things you need can seem impossible. In fact, if your home is crowded enough, you might even be considering an expensive extension to store the surplus!

The good news is that there is a cheaper option for clearing clutter, and it comes in the form of long-term self-storage. This could be the answer to all your problems, and there are plenty of facilities ready and waiting for you right now. Whether you have too much stuff or are transitioning in life, then, self-storage facilities like these could have you covered.

Of course, you won’t want to hand your valuable possessions to the first self-storage company you stumble across. It’s important to take your time choosing a long-term self-storage solution which suits you. And, we have some pointers to help you do just that.

Consider price

Price is always a consideration, especially with long-term solutions If you fail to compare the self-storage facilities in your area, you could end up paying a great deal throughout your custom. Luckily, there are plenty of self-storage units available out there at affordable prices. In an ideal world, you want to look for self-storage companies who offer quotes and price comparisons. Discounts for long-term use are also a bonus and could go a long way towards helping you to save some pennies.

Look for moving services

It’s also worth noting that moving loads of stuff into a storage unit isn’t always easy. That’s why it’s always worth choosing a company who offer help with your move. Companies like Henfield Storage provide a collection service worth up to £250 to anyone within a 30-mile radius who signs up for three months or more. You can find out more information about that here, but needless to say that it could make the entire move much easier. It’ll undoubtedly serve you better than having to carry car-loads of belongings to a unit yourself.

Never go unsecured

You wouldn’t leave your belongings in an unsecured garage, so don’t make that mistake with your self-storage. When you’re using these facilities in the long-term, you need to know that your stuff is safe when you aren’t around. Before taking your pick, then, be sure to seek companies who provide CCTV and alarm systems. You should also never sign up for a storage unit where the company in question keeps a key. A reputable business will ensure that you have your own padlock and private key. All the better for ensuring no one can gain access to your belongings but you.

Any reputable self-storage company will provide benefits like the above. Simply narrow down your list by checking for each before you sign up. Then, you can rest 100% easy that you’ve chosen the right self-storage for the job.

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Written by Danny Dotson

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