3 Types of Pens that Changed Everyone’s Lives

As there are so many types and labels of pens available in the market, selecting the ideal one becomes quite overwhelming. Many people just prefer choosing a pen randomly. Apart from the pen itself, you also have to consider the point size, ink type and color options. These factors enhance your writing experience with a specific pen. When seeking a pen that is ideal for your personal writing style and preferences, here are a few types of pens for consideration.

  1. Rollerball pens

These pens use exact designs as ballpoint pens, but they have a water based ink. This ink flows faster and absorbs into paper better than the ballpoint pen ink. This ease of flow needs less pressure and casts out a smoother and comfortable writing experience. As the flow of ink is so smooth, the rollerball pens are perfect for writing text with darker and finer lines. They are also available in many color ranges as they use water soluble dyes. If you are want to write for prolonged periods of time, then rollerball is all you need, but ensure to refill the ink often as they tend to use more ink than other types of pens.

  1. Ballpoint pens

These are the most widely used pens and have been in use since many decades. The ballpoint pen uses an oil based ink and it dries faster than other kinds of ink. In other words, there is less smudging when you write. As this ink is thick, they tend to use less ink as you write, hence lasting longer than other types of pens. Also, consider the fact that thick ink clumps a lot so more pressure may be needed while writing. Hence, these pens are not ideal for prolonged periods of writing. But when seeking for a simple pen for daily use, this is the pen you need. And if you want a ballpoint pen for long writing, check out this ballpoint gel pen at now!

  1. Gel pens

These pens integrate features of ballpoint pens and rollerball pens. The ink used in gel pens is water based that is consistent between both kinds of ink. Hence, the ink doesn’t smudge but flows freely for delivering a smooth writing. Hence, gel pens are as comfortable as rollerball pens, performing like a ballpoint pen. As these pens use pigments rather than regular dyes, these pens are also available in many colors. Gel pens are ideal when you want to create a bold statement with reliability.

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Written by Michael Curry

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