About the Concept, Characteristics, and Importance of Management Control System

When it comes to having an effective organization, you should rest assured that it would be the one where managers would comprehend how to control and manage. The primary goal of control as a concept and process would be to assist in motivating and directing employees in their respective roles. It would be deemed of great importance that you should understand the managerial control process and systems for the long-term effective working of an organization.

Without adequate control systems in place, chaos and confusion could overwhelm an organization. However, if the control systems have been choking an organization, it would be suffering from the wearing down of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Understanding the concept of control

The term control would comprise different meaning based on the context of the use of the term. When it comes to manufacturing, it would refer to a mechanism or device instituted or installed to regulate or guide the operation or activities of a machine, apparatus, system or person.

With a legal point of view, it would be best described as controlling interest. In case of management, it would be described as an authority to order along with managing the management and workings of an entity.

You should rest assured that control has been deemed a management process aiming to achieve defined goals in an established timetable. It would encompass three important elements:

  • Setting the standards
  • Measuring the actual performance
  • Taking corrective actions

Characteristics of control

Find below the identified characteristics of control.

  • Control has been deemed a managerial process
  • Control would look forward
  • Control has been deemed a continuous process
  • Control would be present at every level of organization
  • Control has been intricately linked with planning
  • The purpose of control has been positive

Importance of control

Let us delve on the importance of control in a management system.

  • Control would guide the management into achieving pre-determined goals.
  • Control has been known to ensure effective use of valuable and scarce resources.
  • Control would assist in the coordination of activities through the unity of action.
  • Control has been known to make delegation better and easier.
  • Control would spare the top management and let them concentrate on policy formulation.

Several people might oppose control as they believe it would cultivate empowerment among employees. They believe that the management should not exercise any kind of control whatsoever. Nonetheless, the management control system has been deemed important for the business.

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Written by Michael Curry

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