Employment Discrimination is the worst enemy – 7 ways to defeat it

“Discrimination is a disease,” says a well-known American footballer, Roge Staubach.

According to historical records, we have been witnessing discrimination is spreading throughout all societies and nations. With increasing time, it is entering every sphere of our life, starting from family, friends, marriage, employment, education, culture, religion to sports. But recently employment discrimination is the most trending issue faced by the majority of employees worldwide.

 Are you struggling to get through the selection process of hiring? Or even being passed over for a promotion when you deserve it? Were you harassed at your workplace in the past? These are the signs of discrimination in terms of employment. These problems can be overcome with proper guidance. In America, for example, Queens Employment Discrimination Lawyers represent employees on their various claims to discrimination at work as well as protecting employee’s legal rights.

Types of employment discrimination in an organization

This section will highlight the various types of discrimination faced by the employee in an organization.

  • Age – when an employer hires only a young-looking person for any role.
  • Sex – When selection is done on judging the gender of the employer rather than giving importance to his/her talent.
  • Religion – when the employer has a strict religious belief and judges his employee according to it. 
  • Race – when the employer cares about the skin colour of the employee. Usually, fair and good looking candidates are preferable to them.
  • National origin – when the employer is biased with employees of the same country of origin.
  • Equal payment – when employees don’t receive equal wages for their equal work.
  • Expecting women – when employers refuse to cooperate with pregnant women employees and deprive them of any aspect of employment.

7 Ways to win over employment discrimination

  1. Stay professional in terms of conduct and speech.
  2. Always respect every co-worker’s culture and racial differences.
  3. Don’t participate or initiate in any discrimination and offensive pranks or humour.
  4. Adapting the workplace policies and acting according to them.
  5. Always be bold in such a situation. Do not hesitate to inform the HR Department of inadequate, harassing or abusive conduct incidents.
  6. Provide legal solutions to the issue. So, in these complex situations, take the view of an experienced lawyer. Like, the Queens Employment Discrimination Lawyers also guide their clients to take the right step on the different issues associated with discrimination. 
  7. Finally, reach out for additional assistance from the local Human Rights Commission.

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Written by David Thacker

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