Brief Understanding of Four Important Types of Manufacturing Processes

Chances are higher that you would not be spending adequate time contemplating on the ones making the products that would fill your home. Despite the business relying on manufacturers, unless you would be able to spend time in a plant, you would probably know little about the actual routine work entailed.

There have been actual multiple kinds of processes a manufacturer would use. These could be grouped together into four major categories, molding, and casting, joining, machining, and forming and shearing.

Molding in the manufacturing process

In the event of the products you have been creating begins out as a liquid, chances would be higher than the manufacturers would be using molding. A popular kind of molding has been casting. It would entail heating plastic until it becomes liquid and then pour it into a mold. After the plastic cools, the mold would be removed and provide you with the desired shape. You could also make use of casting to manufacture plastic sheeting. It offers a wide range of applications.

It would entail four types of molding, inclusive of injection molding, blow molding, compression molding, and rotational molding.

Machining in the manufacturing process

It would be relatively difficult to manufacture products such as metal parts without using some kind of machine. The manufacturers would make use of tools such as sheers, saws, and rotating wheels for achieving the desired results. Different tools would be used for shaping items.

  • The laser machines would cut the piece of metal using a high-energy light beam.
  • The plasma torches would transform gas into plasma using electricity.
  • The erosion machines would make use of similar principle using electricity or water.
  • The computer numerical control machines would introduce computer programming into manufacturing.

Joining in the manufacturing process

At times, you would be required to put several parts together in order to make a single piece. The joining would entail processes such as soldering and welding in order to apply heat for combining materials. You could also make use of adhesive bonding or fasteners to join various pieces.

Forming and shearing in the manufacturing process

In the event of you dealing with sheet metal, you should make use of shearing. It would cut blades to make straight cuts into the metal piece. It would also be known as die cutting. You would often come across shearing to be used on brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and bronze.

Forming has been deemed another metal-shaping process. It would use compression or another kind of stress for moving materials into the desired shape. Despite forming has been used with metal, it could be used on other materials, inclusive of plastic.

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Written by Michael Curry

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