Auto Car Accident Attorney – Do You Need to Submit Your Medical Bills?

Medical bills can be hefty and can put an intense amount of pressure financially. Moreover, if you have been involved in an accident that was caused due to other drivers’ negligence which caused you an injury that is taking a toll on your wallet. You can get a little relief if you have health insurance by yourself. But if you still have your bills being paid through your insurance, then it should be stopped.

Since other drivers’ negligence caused the accident, his insurance should cover your medical bills. However, if you didn’t know about this, it is the perfect time to rectify it. It would be best if you got a Boise, Idaho auto accident lawyer that will get your case sorted in no time.

Condition when the other party won’t pay your medical bills.

You need to understand that the doctor and healthcare professionals provide you with their service and treat you irrespective of whose negligence it was. Initially, these bills will be your responsibility as the health care professionals will not wait for the judgment of the court and case to be solved. 

The opposing party will not cover your medical bills under these circumstances:

  1. They will not pay for your medical account in advance before the jury gives any judgment.
  2. The opposing party will only pay for your bills if you are found entitled to an auto accident.

However, the compensation you will be obliged to get will not be given to you or the hospital. The jury will primarily decide the amount of payment you are entitled to receive after crucially going through your case. 

After proving the negligence of the other person for the accident, they are obligated to pay for all your medical bills. This generally includes your bills from the day of your injury to any after-care or rehabilitation services you may need for the injury. 

Should you submit your medical bills?

No, you should not submit your medical bills to anyone, especially to the insurance provider. You should first consult your Auto Car Accident lawyer and keep their opinion into consideration before you do anything, as these lawyers are well-versed with the technical jargon and policies that the defendant’s insurance company might use to settle your case for way less value than it usually needs. Your documents and proofs should go through your lawyer first before it goes to anyone else. Lastly, taking your lawyer’s advice will help you get fair compensation without committing any mistakes. 

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Written by Danny Dotson

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