Here’s How You Can Keep Your HOA Community Crime-Free

Crime and criminals exist everywhere, no matter how safe you may think your neighborhood is. In an HOA, the board members are responsible for maintaining peace and security by imposing safety rules and regulations. However, residents can do their part by following a few safety measures to ensure the prevention of illegal and unsafe activities. 

On the other hand, the value of properties situated in unsafe communities can decrease significantly and thus, affect your investment. If your HOA is looking for methods to improve security, Phoenix HOA management companies can provide solutions by equipping your community with safety devices. 

How to keep your community safe from criminals 

Lock up your house and vehicle properly

The easiest way to make your community unsafe is to let burglars commit a crime. Locking your car and all the doors of your house, including the front, back, and the garage door, is your first step to safety. When burglars try to break into your car or home and see that the doors are locked, they get discouraged. When the doors are unlocked, they have enough time to break in, steal and run away before you know it. 

Set up alarm systems

Alarm systems are helpful in alerting you whenever there is an unusual movement in or around your house and car. If a thief tries to forcefully break-in, your alarm system will go off, alerting you and the nearby people. This increases the possibility of catching the thief. 

Keep your community lit at night

When communities do not have proper lighting, criminals have a good chance of staying hidden in dark alleys and corners. Make sure your HOA board takes adequate steps to provide lighting at each corner of your community so that there is no pitch-black anywhere. Lighting can help spot miscreants easily. 

Hire security professionals 

One way to ensure security in a community is by taking the help of security professionals. The HOA board can hire them to conduct an inspection of the community by visiting the houses and making sure that no illegal activities are being done. 

Be up-to-date about the recent crimes in your area

Crime prevention is effective when you know the right time to pay extra attention. Watch the local crime news regularly and educate yourself about the recent crimes in your area and if the criminals are still loose. You can also speak with your local police department to get facts about the recent crimes and crime trends. For example, online package delivery theft from your porch is a prevalent crime trend. 

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Written by David Thacker

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