Air Conditioning Installation Considerations

 Over the years, as your business grows, the building and the installations within it must grow too. During these years you are likely to face many challenges when it comes to how the business grows and how its new needs are met, and one of those challenges is the upgrading of the air conditioning units, specifically the interruption of installation. For example, during this time you may move from a simple window-mounted system to purchasing something much larger like a ducted system. Each air conditioning unit and the installation of it is different and here is how installation of various systems can affect business operations.

Window Mounted System

Your very first air conditioning unit may be something like a simple window-mounted system which can be installed quickly and cheaply. In the early stages of business, companies aren’t often flush with cash and this choice is certainly one of the smartest budget friendly options. You and your team can install this window-mounted AC in a matter of hours with minimal disruption to the business. However, it should be noted that there are a few issues with the system. For instance, the window system doesn’t fair well in larger rooms, it can be quite noisy and finally, depending on where your office is located, this type of system may not be permitted.

Split System Air Conditioner

Once you start to hire more staff, you’ll need to change your approach to the air con and a split system air conditioner can be a strong choice here. These systems are cost effective and offer the perfect option for a growing business. The installation for this can be quite invasive and, even though it can be completed in a single day, it can cause quite the disturbance. For example, drilling into walls to install the units can be noisy and this can be less than ideal when you are trying to hold meetings or call clients/customers. If you can have this installed over the weekend or after closing time, then this would make the most sense and ensure minimal interruptions to your business.

Ducted System

A ducted system is the main option for many large businesses, especially when multiple rooms need to be effectively covered.  The ducted system is a big job, it involves installing a central system in the roof and then creating a series of ducts from that system to each room. In terms of air conditioning installation affecting work, you should take steps to minimize the disruption. Firstly, see if the labor can do the majority of the work after closing or over the weekend instead. Alternatively, you can also recommend a few days during the week and plan ahead such as seeing if they can keep the work between certain hours and ensuring to notify your staff about what is going on and ensure that they organize meetings out of the office or take any lieu time which they are owed. If you don’t plan this installation well, it could be a nightmare for the business.

In pretty much all cases of installation there will be some disruption whether small such as with the window mounted AC or large with the ducted system. In most cases this choice will only have to be made if you own the building or are making recommendations to the building owner. If this is the case, then it is better to recommend or try to obtain a ducted system as soon as possible to make sure you have the best system in place and reduce any future AC headaches as you expand your operations.

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Written by Danny Dotson

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