Prevent intruders from entering your premises

The security system is the means for protecting your family and home. Security systems prevent outsiders from invading in your house. The standard security kit includes products like sensors, motion detectors, alarms, etc. A base station was also known as control panel has the control of the entire system. You can easily arm and disarm the security with the help of control panels. They can be operated with a phone, computer or tablet.

Along with the items of the standard security kit you can also buy additional products for increasing the efficiency of the security system. You can buy security cameras, water leakage detectors, etc. To find more information click here.

How does a security system work?

A standard security kit contains components like control panel, sensor pads, motion detectors, control keypads, etc.

  • Control panel: The control panel is the focal point of the security system. The control panel relays the message to the owner or the security company in case the security is breached. It either sends a message or puts off the alarm.
  • Control keypad: A control keypad is generally placed at the main entrance. You can arm and disarm the security system by using control keypad. It has passcodes that need to be fed in the control keypad to turn the system on off.
  • Security sensors: Security sensors are installed at doors or windows. When in contact they form a circuit. Upon any disturbance they set off the alarm.

Types of security alarm systems

  • Monitored system: These systems are connected with a monitoring company. An alarm goes off as soon as the security is breached. The monitoring company than has to take necessary actions.
  • Unmonitored system: These alarm systems do not connect with monitoring companies. These alarms make a loud noise in case of intrusion.
  • Wireless system: No monitoring is required in this type of security system. This is the best option if you are planning to install cameras. Robust and reliable doors offered to you by commercial doors.

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