Why is Depop growing so fast?

The marketplace of the future does not seem to have a ceiling.


Gen Z is the generation that came to change the rules, and Depop knows it perfectly. That’s why they adapted an app created in Italy more than a decade ago to fit with most of their users. Approximately 90% of over 13 million people using Depop in 147 different countries are under 26 years old. So, it is important to understand the keys and values that this app is carrying out in order to learn how to sell on depop in a successful way.

Interest in second-hand clothing

It has had an exponential growth in the last few years among young people. Most of them are not interested any more in having the latest and newest collection of brands as it used to, instead they prefer to get dressed the way they want and with the cloth they want without any fashion designer telling them what to use and what not. This is one of the reasons for the success: in second-hand clothing you may find either oversized jeans from the nineties or a last season jacket that didn’t fit the previous owner. The variety is huge and everyone can find something perfect for them. 

Price competition

The purchasing power of gen z members is not as high as boomers or millenials. In consequence, buying second-hand clothing is easier for them. This is because the price of these clothes is cheaper than new and unused clothes that might be bought in a store. 

The app

Developing an app that feels familiar, easy and comfortable for their consumers is a big plus. This is what happens with Depop. At times it is similar to Instagram feed, where you can scroll, see and like the posts. At other times it is similar to Ebay, where you can look for further information and purchase the product. What is more, something that really attracts the consumers is the high usage of emojis in each post.

Sustainability and circular economy

This is probably the most important item that explains Depop success. Fortunately for all of us, gen z is truly concerned and taking action in order to contribute their grain of sand for solving this issue that affects all of us: the environment pollution. Making new clothes involves a number of processes that harms the milieu such as fabric making, sewing, print, among others. On the other hand, the circular economy is exactly what Depop tries to boost. Is about resale, recycling and upcycling, minimizing the production of new clothes.

Benefits of selling in depop

The best sellers of the app have won an amazing amount of 300.000 euros with their old clothes. This is because they have understood the method of selling in depop, they have found the way to publish their commodities in an attractive way. In addition, specialist studies ensure that this market will continue to grow in the following years.

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Written by David Thacker

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