How Does Lead Routing Software Work?

How Does Lead Routing Software Work?

A company usually has more than one sales rep. When the lead comes in, you need to decide who gets in and this is what is called lead routing.

In simple words, lead routing is the process of distributing leads among salespeople. In many companies, lead routing is an automated process, which is performed by CRM software. It assigns income leads to salespeople based on the product of interest, zip code, lead score, availability of sales rep, and other relevant criteria.

But when you have a large sales team, several leads are not followed up instantly. This is where the need for an automatic lead routing tool comes in. It not only reduces response time but also notifies a salesperson as soon as a lead arrives.

If you are curious to know how lead routing software works, you should give this article a read.

What does lead routing software do? How does it work?

A good lead routing software helps businesses route leads to the sales team automatically. At first, it captures leads from all available sources, such as email, chat, phone, website, social media, events, and others.

It then checks the lead’s score and parameters and then assigns them to sales reps based on a pre-determined logic. For example, if the lead is a resident of the United States, the routing software will allocate it to the USA sales team.

It allows you to create your logic, so you can modify the lead allocation process as needed. Lead scoring and routing make it easier for the sales team to follow up and identify qualified leads.

Companies use lead routing systems because it helps them to allocate leads to the right salesperson. Some leads require a seasoned sales rep, while others may need a rep. that can speak a certain language. With the help of a lead routing tool, you can easily find the best match for your lead. This in turn improves the chances of getting a sale.

Lead routing plays an important role in a sales engagement. It helps sales representatives to know what the next step is.

Now that you have a basic idea about how to lead routing software works, let’s discuss its benefits.

Benefits of A Lead Routing Software

There are various benefits of using lead routing software. Having an efficient lead routing tool helps you to allocate leads among the sales team in an organised manner so that no sales rep. is overburdened. Other benefits of using a lead routing system are:

  1. Distribute qualified leads

A lead routing software is developed to track and allocate qualified leads between the sales team based on a certain pre-determined logic. It allows you to set your requirements and criteria.

  1. Auto reassignment

For some reason, if a salesperson fails to follow up with a lead, there’s nothing to worry about. This is because a lead routing tool will auto reassigning the lead to a different sales rep. after a certain amount of time.

  1. Assign scores

This is another good thing about using a lead routing tool. During the lead capturing step, it assigns a score to the lead based on certain criteria. For example, the system assigns a higher score to the lead that opens the pricing page. But if a lead just reads the blog, he/she is assigned a lower score as it shows less buying interest.

  1. Custom lead routing logic

With the help of lead routing software, you can easily create your logic and criteria as and when required. By setting your logic you can match qualified leads to the right sales person. It also lets you define complex routing logic that may include many parameters.

  1. Integration with other software

Some lead routing tools can also be integrated with other software. For example, you can integrate it with cloud dialling or diallers system. This will help a sales rep. to call the leads directly from the lead routing software. This type of integration not only makes work easier but also saves a lot of time.

  1. Provides more accurate data

Let’s say, your sales reps. are overloaded and they don’t have the time to manually analyse lead data to make well-informed decisions. In this case, an automated lead management system will come in handy. It will help you to collect and analyse lead data, identify lead routing trends, improve sales intelligence, and provide more accuracy. It also offers advanced reporting and analytics dashboards to make your work easier. With an efficient lead routing tool, you never have to worry about allocating leads to your sales team.

A lead routing software is helpful software. It can automatically distribute leads to the right sales team based on pre-defined criteria. It ensures a smooth lead allocation process by distributing the leads equally to each salesperson.

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Written by Paul Watson

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