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What Types of Products Do Fireplace Shops Near Me Typically Sell?

Fireplace shops near me carry a wide selection of fireplace and fireplace-related products. Unfortunately though, unless you step foot inside of one, you may not realize all of the various types of products that they have. Here are some of the most common types of products that are sold at these businesses.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are electric heaters that are designed to look like a fireplace. They give off heat, but since they do not actually burn wood, they do not give off the pollution and smoke that wood-burning fireplaces give off. Wood-burning fireplaces are being banned in many areas, or limited, so an electric fireplace may prove to be a great alternative.

Gas Logs

If you have a gas fireplace or you are looking to have a new one installed, you may be in need of gas logs. Gas logs are ceramic logs that resemble the look of wood logs. They are safe to have in a gas fireplace and can be installed in both a new gas fireplace or an existing one that is in need of a facelift. The gas logs ultimately take a gas fire and make it look like a wood-burning one.


Fireplace mantels are decorative pieces that can go on the exterior of your electric, gas or wood-burning fireplace. There are both mantel surrounds, which create sides and a top around the fireplace, and a mantel, which simply is like a shelf above the fireplace. Mantels are decorative and help to create interest and detail around the fireplace.

Chimney Shrouds

Not every chimney is the same. Some of the tops of chimneys are exposed and/or made from metal. If you have an exposed top to your chimney, you may be looking for chimney shrouds. Chimney shrouds are tops or caps for the top of your chimney. They help to keep rain out, help to prevent an exposed metal piece of the chimney from rusting, and help to prevent pests and insects from crawling through your chimney and making a home inside.

Pizza Ovens

Outdoor space is being transformed into more usable space, creating an indoor/outdoor living space. If you want to be able to cook on your outdoor space, you may be looking to install pizza ovens. Many fireplace shops near me will carry outdoor fire-related products, including fire pits and pizza ovens.

If you are looking for gas or electric fireplaces, or any accessories related to fireplaces, fireplace shops near me likely have what you are looking for. Look for local fireplace shops and then call around to find a shop that carries what you need for your fireplace.

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Written by Paul Watson

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