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Moving a Piano? Call the Pros Instead of Risking an Injury!

Moving is a complex operation. Especially if it was a long time since the last you did it.

On average, American citizens move 11 times during their lifetime. That means you’re going to move in around 7 years if you did it just now. See more on this here.

Some people who moved quite a lot of times are exhausted from this process. They hate doing it again. How wouldn’t they? Imagine having a ton of furniture, a lot of clothes, and you need to take them from one place to another all by yourself? It’s a nightmare.

A lot of people opt for a DIY move

A lot of people are not aware of the dangers when trying to do everything alone and they end up injured in a worst-case scenario. Most often, even if nothing goes wrong, people are left mentally and physically drained after doing this.

Imagine having something big as a piano in your possession and you’re about to transport it to another place. It’s impossible, right? You are probably going to call a few friends to help you.

What you’re doing here is risking not just yours, but the health of your friends too. Even if you manage to do everything properly, you still end up exhausted by this.

Most people get their vacation days from work to do the moving, but when they are finished they are far from rest. This is the reason why so many people decide to call professional movers instead of doing everything alone.

What are the benefits of professional moving companies?

The most important feature of pro moving companies is the fact that they are going to do everything for you? Aside from transporting all the standard belongings like the furniture and the boxes with personal stuff, they’ll handle the piano without a problem.

The hardest part of relocating such big objects is that they need a special approach. One person is unable to move them, and a few will risk an injury. Instead, you need a professional team that has the proper equipment and the experience for this job. See more about the industry here:

Movers who do this regularly see this as just another day in the office. They don’t make a difference between anything else in your home and an object of the size and complexity as the piano. They’ll get the equipment, follow the rules for moving pianos, and will handle the issue within minutes.

If you’re living in a building on a floor that is high above ground level, they most certainly will use special machines to get the whole thing down without getting down the stairs. Instead, they’ll tie it up to a special machine that lifts heavy things and get it down without a problem and within seconds. 

A few tips on moving a piano

If you decide to still do it on your own, please first learn everything about it. Here’s a little guide on what you need to do:

Find people who are strong enough to lift and manage a heavy item like a piano. You’ll need 4 people ideally. Less will be a struggle, and more will be a crowd.

Plan perfectly before you start anything. It’s not easy to do it and without proper planning it’s impossible. See where the critical points are and make sure you have everything covered.

Use the help of technology but don’t forget the basics. A rope and basic physics go a long way so don’t forget about these things. Don’t carry it on hands from point A to point B by all means. Use some help.

See some more piano moving tips on the highlighted link and learn about it more details.


Starting a new life in a new home is stressful on its own. The expectations, managing the new environment, and everything that goes with it is a serious issue, so you don’t need another stress.

Yes, DIY will save you a lot of money, but if you can’t afford them, be sure that nothing can compare with sitting on the side and enjoying while professionals do what they do best – move things from your old to your new apartment.

What do you think?

Written by Paul Watson

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