Strategic searching for co-working space for start-ups

The concept of co-working spaces roots from a simple idea of providing people space for conducting their work/business. There used to be simple chairs, desks, Internet facilities, and printing services. However, in the past few years, the concept has seen explosive growth and become a business in itself. The services have surged up to high-tech facilities for work and recreation. With designer interior and a variety of options, the co-working spaces in Sydney have become a preferred choice for start-ups. Choosing the right co-working space is not very straightforward. You have to evaluate many factors to make the final decision. While some co-working spaces cater to different kinds of businesses, others offer services to specific types. Some spaces are designed for specific types of workers like writers, consultants, etc. You can also find spaces particularly serving individuals and freelancers. Here is a strategic way to find the most suitable collaborated working space for your business.

  • Check your needs

Finding the right co-working space begins similar to any other business decision. You have to precisely lay down your needs and expectations. Decide the reason you want a co-working space for, and the prospective benefits you are looking for.  This will help you priorities the features you should focus on while searching for space. 

  • Look at the work culture

You can either want a friendly or traditional hierarchical work culture in your business. In either case, you have to find a place that suits the environment that you want and have similar people working around you. For that reason, it is important to analyze people working in a collaborative space along with the infrastructure and services. Having people with synchronized thinking will help you work efficiently and improve your life quality.

  • Visit the location 

Most people search for a co-working space online. Many spaces look great on their website. However, the reality can be different. For that taking a physical tour personally will help you analyze the facilities these spaces are providing. It will give you an exact idea and give you confidence in the space you are hiring.

  • Consider review and word of mouth

You can find people who have availed facilities of some co-working space. You can find these people in your friend list on social media, on professional websites, or in your neighborhood. Ask these people about their experience and recommendation for the right working space.

  • Compare cost and facilities

While hiring a co-working space you should consider multiple options. You should compare the facilities these spaces are offering. Also, compare the amount they are charging for these facilities. This way you can find the space providing the best amenities at the most affordable pricing.

  • Consider travel time 

You should also consider the distance you are you have to travel to reach the working space. Check whether there are adequate transport facilities to travel to and from the space. Also, add the travel expenses in the costing to get a realistic estimate.

  • Take a trial run

Co-working spaces provide flexible renting plans. You can hire them for a month. Some even offer to rent every week. You should rent a space for the shortest possible duration initially, to take a practically analyze the space.

  • Think about the future

Before you finalize your co-working space, also consider the future of your business. If you expect expansion shortly, it is better to rent a larger space. It is a cost-effective and secured choice.

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Written by David Thacker

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