Security guards in the UK are not allowed to handle ammunition, however the Dog act of 1975 allows the use of dogs to guard a property if the dog is under a competent handler. At big corporate events or entertainment shows, Bristol Security gua and dog would work hand in hand with local police who deliver the gun and 227 ammo support required on the day.

Bristol security companies have well trained professional security Dog handlers who have enough training to deliver reliable and excellent security services through the night and day. Bristol security dogs and their handlers are fully evaluated and given approval; these dogs are trained to protect the handler which boosts the security guard’s confidence in challenging an intruder.

The dogs can also be instructed by their dormitory security services from A+ Officers to do things like deterring trespassers and also prevent a breach in security. With experience, we have noticed that criminals feel more threatened when they see a security guard with a dog and to make it more effective we recommend that you also put a body camera in the security guard so as to get visual and audio pieces of evidence from the guard’s point of view.


Security Dogs and Their Uses

Detection Dogs:

Bristol security companies use detection dogs to make detection easy, no human being can sniff out objects the way a dog can do it naturally. Through Bristol security dog training, a dog can help to pinpoint the exact location of an item that is or used to be in a location. Different dog breeds have different specialties that is why they are used in airports by different security agencies for different purposes.

Guard Dogs

Guard Dogs are known for their overzealous and slightly scary behavior, guard dogs can be trained to prevent Theft, vandalism, and even violence. Even though they are not trained to attack or cause fatal injury, they can hold a person of interest hostage with their special intimidation skills. Some people choose German shepherd because of its intelligence, size, and athleticism.


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Written by Paul Watson

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