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5 Ways to Strengthen the Cybersecurity of Your Company 

Online security is just as important as physical campus security. That’s because if a threat actor is able to hack your company’s recorder or release a malware even in one system, the entire organization will suffer from a serious security breach. The results are scary. 

  • Attacked firm suffers from huge monetary losses. 
  • Information and identity of every single customer and employee is left compromised. 

So, a single cyber attack can actually make a chain that can easily spread a malware outside the organization too. 

Hence, your responsibility as an employer is main. You should, therefore, follow all the cybersecurity practices that we have listed below. Have a look! 

  1. Hire White Hat Hackers

Working for web safety and security, white hat hackers find bugs and report/patch them so that the vulnerabilities cannot be used by threat actors to launch phishing or malware attacks. You can hire them by running bug bounty programs. 

  1. Improve the Password Hygiene

Password was, is, and will always be essential when talking about devices on the internet and social media accounts. So, here’s how you should create and manage them. 

  • Use random words as passwords. The length should be at least 12-15 characters long. 
  • Use letters in uppercase and lowercase, symbols, and numbers – in no particular order – to complicate the password. 

Once created, here’s how you should manage them. 

  • Instead of risking them by noting them down in unencrypted files, use password managers to save them. 
  • Don’t let any two devices or accounts use the same password. 
  1. Educate Employees

You can impose policies, but it’s your employees who have to follow them. So, arrange for frequent cybersecurity seminars where they can learn about phishing attacks and malware threats. This is particularly very necessary for people working from home since they’re the weakest links in the network. 

  1. Use MFA

MFA is multi-factor authentication. All employees should use it to protect their systems in a much advanced way. 

MFA focuses on adding more security layers alongside the backdoor password. Access to a system is granted only after all the authentication factors are successfully cleared. 

  1. Use VPN

VPN works best for scanning the systems of employees working from home. Scanning tools are used to screen the systems before sensitive data can be opened and accessed. In this way, you’ll be able to identify if any system is compromised before hackers can access any information. 

When applied together, these layers are too hard to be breached. Hence, they are the most practical ways in which you can protect the assets of your company. 

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Written by Danny Dotson

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