Practical things to know about hiring a divorce lawyer in Utah!

No matter the circumstances, dealing with your divorce is never going to be easy. You need to consider seeking legal advice, even if you don’t expect much of a mess. Utah is one of the states that allows for both fault-based and no-fault divorces. The latter is a much better choice, considering you can save a lot of money and time. If you have made the smart decision of hiring a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer for your case, it is important to do some initial homework. In this post, we are sharing some important and practical aspects worth knowing about consulting and working with an attorney. 

  1. Don’t expect extended conversations. Your divorce lawyer is not your therapist. This is one thing that many people don’t understand. Yes, your lawyer is expected to be empathetic and supportive, but they are not here to hear to marriage breakdown stories. If you are feeling stressed and vulnerable, call a therapist. When it comes to a family law or divorce lawyer, keep the conversations brief and to the point. 
  2. Be realistic. Hiring an attorney is always overwhelming, but you have to watch out for the red flags. There is only an extent to which a divorce lawyer can make a difference to your case. If a lawyer promises something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Your divorce is as simple or messy as you and your spouse make it. 
  3. Don’t hide things. Small things can make a big difference in divorce and custody battles. For instance, if you are having an affair, this can go against your custody battle. Make sure that your divorce lawyer knows everything related to the case, even if these are things that you don’t feel comfortable talking about. 
  4. Ask about costs. Your lawyer’s fee is the biggest variable cost of the divorce, and it makes sense to know the overall expenses. Besides the fee, you will have to pay for court fee, divorce education classes, and other things. Ask the attorney for a ballpark estimate of what the divorce may cost you. 
  5. Lawyers are busy. Your lawyer will inform you whenever there is an update in proceedings. You may not be able to talk to the attorney at will, at least not anytime you want. Make sure that your divorce lawyer has made room for communication, but don’t expect them to updating you every week. 

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Written by Paul Watson

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