How Workplace Discrimination Can Affect Both Federal Employers and Employees

A lot of federal agencies have rules in place to deter workplace discrimination. However, discrimination remains a reality for a range of individuals. Discrimination can have an impact on one worker, but unchecked discrimination can have greater effects. If you have been discriminated against on the job you should bring the issue to your supervisor or HR. If your agency fails to resolve your case, make sure to seek the services of a Federal Employee Rights attorney Virginia to make sure your rights are protected. Below are the possible effects of workplace discrimination:

Health Issues

Employees who have been unfairly treated at work can experience consistent stress. In turn, this can lead to more health issues. When a federal employee is consistently worried about their discrimination experience due to their race, gender, or religion, they may overthink conversations, clothing choices, and other little things throughout their day. Too much stress can lead to them getting inadequate sleep at night and a compromised diet. Once they form these habits, they may begin to feel seriously ill.

Financial Loss for the Agency

Workplace discrimination also affects the victim’s agency. A federal agency can face monetary losses due to ongoing discrimination. For instance, if an employee quits because of harassment, the agency has to spend money to hire and train a new worker. Even if the victim does not quit, the agency could still lose money since it may have to hire a legal aide to solve the issues that lead to the employee experiencing poor treatment. 

Moral Decline

A federal employee who feels being discriminated against at work may feel resentful toward their superiors and other employees who benefit from the discrimination. This can impact how well they perform, ultimately affecting the business’ overall performance. For instance, a female employee who does not get assigned tasks because they are given to male employees may begin to miss deadlines, call in sick, or stop fulfilling her responsibilities. These actions may hurt her performance and affect the agency’s reputation. 

Allowing discrimination to permeate the workplace can have negative impacts on employees and their employers. Whether a federal employee is harassed because of their color, gender, religion, or other aspects, they have to reach out to a federal employment lawyer. They can first file a complaint with their agency and if they are not satisfied with the response of the agency, they can take the complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or federal court. 

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Written by Paul Watson

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