How to Find the Best Candidates for Your Non-Profit Business

Non-profit organizations don’t seek to make money as most businesses do, and yet their internal structure might not be that much different. What non-profits share with all businesses is a need for the right talent, especially at the executive level. Knowing how to find the best candidates for your non-profit business paves the way to success for the organization.

Finding Great Non-Profit Candidates

The best non-profits don’t use the same recruitment playbook that for-profits do, as they instead do some of the following:

  • Come Up With a Thorough Job Description: You need to convey the level of experience necessary for the position you are going to fill. Also, share with them why they might want the position. Finally, list the components of the job that they can learn once hired. That way, they know what skills they need to bring with them but also what opportunity for development they will have at your non-profit.
  • Emphasize Inclusivity and Diversity in Your Workplace: Professionals already working for your non-profit likely do it out of a personal passion for the particular cause your organization focuses on. That means they likely know people in their personal lives and professional networks who share similar passions. When your internal culture is one of inclusivity, they may recruit for you.
  • Prioritize Work-Life Balance: Millennials now account for most of the workforce, and over half of them say work-life balance is truly important to them. Many professionals might not seriously consider working for a non-profit because they are worried about being overworked for long hours in an understaffed charity. Make it obvious to your prospects that your internal culture is anything but that. You focus on making a positive difference in the world, but you also don’t run your team into the ground. They love their work, but they also get to enjoy their lives, too.
  • Sell Them on the Sizzle Instead of the Steak: Of course, you’ll go over salary and benefits when letting them know about working for your non-profit, but the actual experience is what you should highlight. How will they feel working there day in and day out? Helping people and bringing some light into the world matters to many modern employees.
  • Divide Your “Haves”: When looking to fill a specific position, you’ll likely come up with a list of things, features, skills, or traits that your ideal candidate would have. Painful as it might be, divide them into “must-haves” and “nice to haves”. Know what you can’t settle on so you can pick the best available candidate if the perfect one doesn’t show up in your process.

Use Professionals to Find Professionals

Facing the prospect of recruiting professionals to your non-profit might prove intimidating to you. Maybe you just don’t have the time, or you just know that this kind of responsibility isn’t in your wheelhouse. This is a function you can delegate to trained professionals who are experts in non-profit executive recruiting. Let them handle the legwork of finding the right people for your non-profit so you can concentrate on your own responsibilities. Those that work in the recruitment industry have the best odds of delivering you just the candidates your nonprofit needs.

The Great Resignation

Millions of employees are leaving their jobs each month, and Forbes points out that this means non-profits might lose talent to higher-paying for-profit jobs. However, that doesn’t mean that non-profits in the social sector face an uphill battle all time. For one thing, charitable giving is up, over 5% in just 2020 alone.

Also, many employees leaving for-profit positions are looking for work that is more meaningful and shares their values. They want to make a difference in the world instead of just making money for themselves or others. This is a potential opportunity for non-profits to recruit those looking for rewarding work.

Leadership and Skills Matter

Whether you’re looking for executives or dedicated professionals for your non-profit, you need to find the right candidates. Making things happen in a non-profit is different than in a profit-driven environment. Finding the right people who fit such circumstances is crucial to the effectiveness of your organization.

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Written by Michael Curry

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