How are CTV Ads Made and Displayed?

CTV ad campaigns are extremely beneficial to you and your company, especially as streaming and online videos are becoming more and more popular. You should know that planning a campaign for CTV is no different from planning an ad for any other type of advertising. You have to know the type of audience you want to reach, the graphics that you want to use and even when you want your ads to be displayed. This will help you determine, what is connected tv advertising, how it runs, and how it can benefit you.

Define the Audience

The first step in creating any advertisement is to define your target audience, meaning exactly who you want to see your ad. Think about the audience’s age, gender, geographic location and even socioeconomic status when determining who you want to reach. Write up or draw up the perfect customer so you can think about exactly what that customer would want to see and would want to know. Consider what your audience wants to know before they buy anything in an effort to help that audience member make the final lap in their journey towards connecting with your business. 

Determine Your Graphics


The next step is to determine your ad inventory, or where exactly you want your ad to be placed. Think about if you want the advertisement placed directly on an application that would be on a smart TV such as Hulu, ESPN or Discovery. You can also think about placing it on a device’s homepage such as the Apple TV, the Roku or even Chromecast. You can also determine exactly which advertisement you want to use based on the target audience, even using past ads. Determine which one will work best for you, and determine where you want to place it. 

Monitor Your Numbers

When utilizing CTV marketing, you will automatically be able to see the data that is coming from your advertising campaigns. You can notice which ads are reaching the most people and can determine what needs to be changed in order to reach more people. You can even set goals and benchmarks for yourself in order to know how many individuals you want to reach. This will help you to keep track of your business’ growth while completing an ad campaign so you can know if your advertising is working in the way you had hoped. 

Choose a Vendor to Upload Your Advertisements With

There are many vendors that will assist you in uploading your CTV ad campaigns. You have to decide if you want to use a trading desk in which your advertising is programmable and biddable, giving you increased value when ads are bought. Demand-side platforms are also helpful in that you can purchase inventory for networks or platforms. They can help you find those specific audience members who you want to reach in order to reach the best publishing sites for your campaigns. 


Final Thoughts

CTV advertising is a new technique in the television advertising field. This field has come a very long way since its early days of traditional advertising with commercials that are still used to this day. CTV advertising is done just as any other advertising campaign, but you do have to choose vendors in order to have your ads uploaded and your audience members reached. Make sure you have quality ads made as well so that you can keep these audience members engaged. You will not regret it as you watch your business grow through your CTV advertising efforts. 

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Written by David Thacker

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