Facing Paycheck Issues? Know Who to Talk To

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As an employee, you expect to receive every penny you deserve for your hard work every payday. Your paycheck is your pay rate for the hours you have worked. However, if the number is not right, your boss is violating fair labor law and your contract with them. Thankfully, payroll mistakes are just mistakes. After pointing out the problem, it should be fixed quickly. But, not all organizations will want to resolve payroll issues proactively. That is why you must know who to talk to if you don’t get the correct paycheck. 

A company can face serious consequences when it violates laws that govern employee payroll. If you run into resistance when trying to have your payroll issues resolved, do not hesitate to contact an Employment Discrimination Lawyer in Austin to represent you.  But, before you take legal action, you must exhaust your options. The following are the parties you must talk to about your paycheck issues:

Your Superiors

You should start talking to your direct supervisor. Make sure you have a copy of your last paycheck to show to your supervisor, manager, or boss the numbers that seem wrong. A great manager will forward your concern to HR right away for a payroll connection. However, if you don’t get the help you need from your superiors, take your concern to HR.

HR Representative

Even a small company can have one HR personnel or an outsourced service. If you are in a bigger company, you can approach an HR representative who handles the type of issues you are facing. The representative must take on the problem immediately and inform you when it is sorted out. 

Payroll Head

If you fail to get your payroll issue sorted out through HR, find someone who handles the payroll in your company. This person could be an internal HR professional, an outsourced payroll service, or a bookkeeper. Financial experts who handle payrolls are more likely to take your problem seriously and they may straighten it out. 

Your Employment Attorney

If nobody from the company wants to correct your payroll error or you are dealing with hostility or discrimination, then consult an attorney. A discrimination lawyer can make the company face the force of fair labor and financial regulations. They are dedicated to defending workers from discrimination and negligence at the hands of their employers. Whether you deal with paycheck issues because of an error, incompetent bookkeeping, or a discriminatory decision, your lawyer will help you get fair pay for the number of hours you have worked. 

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Written by Danny Dotson

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