Employee Appreciation: Top 6 Ideas for Employee Reward and Recognition Programmes

Why is it so important to have employee reward and recognition programmes in place? Well, for one, your employees are what make your business successful. You did a great job by finding and acquiring top talent but keeping them happy and satisfied is the key to building a strong team.

They invest so much time and efforts in helping you reach your business goals. Needless to say, they deserve recognition and appreciation in return. Not only will it motivate them to keep giving their 100% at work but it will also attract new talent to your organization.  When it comes to appreciating your employees for their hard work and productivity, the sky is the limit!

Here are just a few creative ways to let your employees know you value their input!

1.      Build a Corporate Gratification System

One of the best ways to appreciate your employees the way they want is by creating a corporate gratification system. Simply assign specific point values for different tasks, which your employees will receive upon completion. They may then redeem these points for benefits ranging from work-from-home days and extra paid leaves to education fee. This system will allow your employees to enjoy the benefit that means the most to them. It’ll boost their morale and productivity, which will ultimately improve your business performance – a true win-win situation!

2.      Throw a Lunch Party

Employees love when their company takes them out for lunch or throw them a surprise party at the workplace.

Now, this is a smart way of appreciating your employees because it won’t only make them feel good but also bring them all together and strengthen their bond as a team.

3.      Write Recognition Posts on Social Media

Employees love it when their company recognizes their efforts and doesn’t hesitate to express their gratitude in front of everyone. The next time you want to appreciate an employee, consider dedicating a social media post to them. Add their photo and write a caption highlighting their contributions, achievement, and any interesting fact that their co-workers may not know about them.  Being appreciated is indeed a gratifying feeling – and when it’s done on social channels, it means a lot more to employees!

4.      Give Some Time Off

Another way to add value to your employee reward and recognition programmes is by giving your top-performing employees extra time off. They may want to spend some quality time with their family, rest to rejuvenate, or enjoy doing something they love. This kind of reward will help you ensure that the performance of your best employees doesn’t drop due to burnout and excessive work pressure.

5.      Toasts from Peers

Co-workers share a special bond. Amidst the day-to-day activities, they get to know each other on a level you might not even think. So, why not give them a chance to appreciate their fellows? Arrange a session where employees are encouraged to share positive things their co-workers are doing. Peer-to-peer recognition will further strengthen their relationship and help you learn more about your employees.

6.      Offer Career-based Rewards

Employees are often looking for ways to excel in their career and so, career-based rewards are always held valuable.

Consider arranging leadership training for your employees or offer to take an online class they would love, even if it isn’t directly related to their job. This simple gesture will not only keep them inspired but also benefit your business in the long run. You can have such rewards programs in your company with the help of agencies and to know visit website. 

They’ll appreciate how you are invested in their interests and career. With these amazing tips, get ready to acknowledge your employees’ efforts and appreciate them to boost their motivation and engagement levels! Because happy employees translate into productive business!  

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Written by Michael Curry

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