Can an Insurance Company Have You Watched After You File a Personal Injury Claim?

Feeling like someone is watching you is uncomfortable. If you have sustained injuries in an accident and you feel like being watched, that might be an insurance guy. If you have filed a personal injury claim, you might be being investigated by the insurance provider of the liable party. This is a way that insurers often use to discredit claims to pay less or avoid paying out. As an accident victim, you need to know your legal options. That is why you must consult a Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will not only educate you but also help protect your legal rights. 

Insurance-Related investigations are Legal

Although being under investigation seems like an invasion of your privacy, the insurance company can legally investigate you if you want them to compensate you for your injuries. But, they can’t infringe you on your private places like your home or work. Expect their investigators to be watching you when you are in public places like in grocery stores, parking lots, in your kid’s school. 

What the Investigators Want to Find

The insurance companies want their investigators to find anything that can be used against your claim. For instance, if you have reported a certain kind of injury, the investigator might look for evidence that indicates you are not as injured as you claimed. Let’s say you claimed you sustained serious back pain that you cannot even get out of your bed. If the insurer’s investigators catch you find loading groceries into your case or carry your child on your shoulders, they may dispute your injury claim. 

How Victims are Investigated

Insurance providers use different techniques to check on victims of accidents who filed claims. How they will respond depends on the claims’ value, whether or not they believe the police report, and their standard practices. 

An insurance company might begin with a social media search. An insurance adjuster might look at your social medial listings to see if you have some posts about your accident or taken part in activities you claimed you cannot perform because of your injuries. 

If an insurance company wants its investigators to go further, it might hire a private investigator who might follow you while you drive at work or school. The investigator might take photos of you when doing activities they think you cannot do as you claimed. If the investigator finds evidence of wrongdoing, they might get statements from your colleagues, acquaintances, and others to prove that your claim is fraudulent or exaggerated.

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Written by David Thacker

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