What is Marketing Communication?

According to MaRS, a Canadian consulting firm, marketing communication is all messages and media conveyed by companies in an effort to communicate with the market. 

The shape can vary. Starting from advertising, direct marketing, branding, packaging, PR activities, sales presentations,  sponsorships, online activities, and others.  

The most important thing in the concept of marketing communication is the way of marketing to the targeted segment. If the marketing that is done is interesting enough, you not only get the possibility of the product being sold, but customers will also come back to buy.

The problem is, this concept has many possibilities to be distorted or fail to get consumers. The most common thing that causes distortion is the selection of inappropriate marketing methods.

In order not to fail, be sure to determine the company ‘s positioning . Strategically, positioning will make sellers know the broad picture of their products in the market.

Why is Marketing Communication Important?

Implementing marketing communication means pursuing a marketing strategy in the long term. Unlike other marketing concepts, new marketing communication will show results in a long time.

The first thing that makes marketing communication important is creating brand awareness for the community. This applies to both new and long-established companies.

Second, marketing communication or marketing communication plays a role in changing people’s perceptions. This is done because sometimes, misunderstandings often occur in the community regarding a product or service from a company. This is where digital marketing translation comes into play, ensuring your marketing communications are tailored for your target audience.

The third objective of this method is to motivate buyers to buy again. This is usually done through persuasive advertising, which emphasizes a greater benefit to the product or service being sold than competitors.

You can also invite people to try your product through a good marketing communication strategy. Free trials or product samples are commonly used to persuade customers to try a product for the first time. The purpose of this is to let people know about the product.

This strategy was carried out by the music streaming service giant, Spotify. To make a purchase, Spotify offers a 30-day free trial. After the end of the free trial, they offer a subscription fee with a variety of offers.

Marketing Communication Strategies

To support the success of marketing communication, various strategies are needed. The implementation of this strategy is adjusted to what the company wants to achieve, for example increasing purchases or increasing the number of customers.

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Written by Michael Curry

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