What is a Control Freak Fan Controller?

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The control freak fan controller lets you control the speed of your grow room fans. A fan controller controls the outflow or intake of air in your grow room. This is pivotal to maintain the temperature, and replenish the amount of CO2 and O2 in the air mixture. The intake fans are usually a quarter the power of the outflow fans. Otherwise, the CO2 concentration would burst out of proportion. Let’s take a look at how a control freak fan controller is used, and various features they provide as well.

When to use a Control Freak Fan Controller?A fan controller should be the first thought on your mind if you are to automate your grow room or growing tent. Controlling the intake and outflow fans can be done manually and automatically with a fan controller. The control freak fan controller comes with a range of features, which lets you automate at different levels.How Should I Choose One? | What are my Options?Choosing the Right Ampere RatingLet’s say that you are using a 13A rated cooling system for your grow room. If you accidentally choose a 7A rated fan controller, you will fry its circuits. Understand your cooling system before buying accessories for it. Greenspirit Hydroponics is a nice place to look at. They list all the available options just for you. Also, feel free to contact them for guidance if you are stuck at any point. An expert opinion might be all that you need.With or Without Temperature ControlControl Freak fan controllers come with or without a temperature probe. The temperature probe reads the room temperature and feeds it to the fan controller. The fan controller then controls the fan speed. Decide if you want to automate the fan speed control or not. If you don’t want to, don’t buy a controller with the temperature probe. But, buying a model with a probe can be also used as the former one.Keep the probe in the middle of the grow room, away from the light source. You can set the max speed and min speed for the fans using the dials in the controller. When the temperature reading is less than the set temperature, the fan will run at the min speed. But, once the temperature is above the set temperature, the fans will run at the max speed. If you did not buy a probe model, then you have to manually change the speed when required.Do you need a Photocell?After temperature control, you need to think about the airflow in light and dark times. This is where a photocell comes in. The photocell will gather the light data in the grow room to control the speed of the fan, just like in temperature control.

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