What are the Major Functions of the HR Department?

The HR managers, specialists, and generalists would be responsible for numerous major aspects and functions of the human resources department. It would not be wrong to suggest that HR functionality does not always need a huge number of HR employees to be and efficient how to monitor work from home employees in their  working.

Based on the size of the employee base, these small businesses could function in a decent manner with a single HR employee rather than an entire department. Despite the size of the HR department, several functions have been deemed of great importance for supporting the workforce and employee base of the company.

Selection and recruitment

The selection and recruitment process would begin with workforce planning. It would be done to determine the staffing needs of the organization. The HR staff would carry out the duties of recruiting the best talent.

Recruiting would be inclusive of posting job vacancies, screening applicants through preliminary interviews, providing guidance to managers, conducting in-person interviews, and organizing the final stages for new employees. They would also be conducting background checks, scheduling drug tests; call references, and prepares written job offers. They would also be required to coordinate the start dates with new employees.

Benefits and compensation

An essential function of the HR department would be the administration of the benefit and compensation strategy of the company. The compensation strategy would position the company as a competitor in the labor arena. It would enable the organization to attract some of the highly-qualified applications for different job openings.

They would benefit the administration inclusive of everything ranging from negotiating the overall cost of the group benefit plans to counseling employees on dental, medical, disability, and vision coverage. It would not be wrong to suggest that the administration of employee benefits would entail counseling the employees about savings plans and income protection. They would also guide the employees on health savings and flexible savings accounts.

Development and training

The development and training responsibilities of the HR department would begin with new employee orientation. They would prepare activities for newly hired workers. It has been an essential aspect for HR to set up a relationship between the employee and the employer. The development and training section of the HR department would coordinate professional development and skills training opportunities preparing the employees for additional responsibilities with the company as well as promotions for the future.

Safety and risk management

Several organizations have an obligation to compile information of the company pertaining to the safety, fatalities, and injuries at workplace, complex machinery, and hazardous materials. The gathered information would be provided to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the region to make sure the organization has been in accordance with the federal regulations apropos the safe working conditions.

Labor and employee relations

An important aspect of employee relations would be it entailing all HR disciplines, inclusive of safety, recruitment, compensation, training, and benefits. It would be done as employee concerns might lay emphasis on any of those specific areas. The employee relations would function taking into its ambit policy development along with performance management.

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Written by Michael Curry

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