Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Digital Painting Services

The digital printing industry is growing exponentially, thanks to the increasing local and global demand. Experts anticipate the market to grow from $24.8 billion in 2021 to $34.3 billion come 2026. This is an average compound annual growth rate of about 6.7 percent.

With the increased demand, we also have many service providers. This means choosing digital printing services can be an uphill task for many startups.

For instance, how do you know that a company has a robust digital printing experience? What about scoring affordable rates?

So, what factors should you have in mind when looking for your next digital printer? Check out these five.

1. Consider Pricing When Choosing Digital Printing Services

Your selection criteria should include comparing printer costs in different companies. Also, get into conversation with companies that have ongoing deals and discounts for new customers. Saving now means you can print more in the future.

However, it’s good to understand that prices vary with paper quality, quantity, and sometimes even color. Check out for relatively affordable printing rates, the size of your business not withstanding.

2. The Quality of Work Matters

How do you know that the printing company offers high-quality work? It’s simple, check if they have certifications for what they do. For instance, a G7 Master Certification demonstrates that the printer leverages modern technology in the G7 Proof-to-Print process.

Besides checking the certification, also inquire if the company has unique printing business materials. If you understand your business needs, differentiating quality work from sub-par won’t be a challenge.

3. What’s the Company’s Area of Specialization?

Digital printing equipment varies in different companies. If you have specialized printing services, you should ensure the company has the right equipment for that. Specialized printing services may include the production of banners, foil-stamped invitations, or bound books.

In some cases, you might also need printing on unique materials such as wood. Ensure that the service provider can meet these needs without outsourcing to another company. You only need one service provider, not two.

4. Check Online Reviews

Every reputable digital printing company has customers talking about it. It can be either on the company’s website or other consumer forums like social media. Check how these customers perceive the services offered by the digital printing company.

Are they happy? Are they complaining about the company’s printing business materials? Do they suggest a better alternative to the service provider?

Reading online reviews will give you answers to all these concerns.

5. Ask for Samples and Guarantees

Ask for samples when choosing digital printing services. Checking out their prior work will give you a sneak peek into what to expect when dealing with the company.

Don’t go with the samples on the website. Instead, ask the service provider to send a couple to your email.

After checking the samples, you want to know whether the service provider can meet or surpass your expectations. It will be a bonus if the company gives you guarantees. For instance, can they issue a refund in case of a low-quality job?

Digital Printing Service Providers Are Different

Every digital printing business has its unique features. Take your time and consider these factors when choosing digital printing services in your area. Getting it right will save you a lot of unnecessary headaches in the future.

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Written by Paul Watson

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