Three main benefits of the car leasing software

Expand your business using flexible and adaptable core business software offering new financial products and services to your customers – car leasing software. It decreases the amount of administrative work you have, comes with a great set of tools useful in everyday tasks and helps you to take care of company’s assets. Today I will tell you about these three main benefits more specifically.

Digital signage and leasing system integration

Administrative tasks are extraordinary in case of mistakes. There are plenty of possibilities to make at least one, when you have to print, sign, scan ink-signed documents and upload them to the leasing system. The possibility of human error increases every time a group of people (say dealers and originators) administrates lease documents, but they could be surely eliminated by adding an e-signature.

Digital signage solution that could be integrated with the car leasing software reduces such risks through better automation, control and visibility. Once document is prepared in leasing system and ready to sign, system sends out the document together with signer details. Signers will receive an email with a link to the document, open it and sign electronically. When all parties signed the document, the final version of it is distributed to all signers by sending emails.

Auto leasing software helps managing leased assets

When an amount of leased assets becomes huge, it is impossible to manage all of them without auto leasing software, because there are lots of information that must be stored in a place, accessible to employees. The car leasing software allows you to list each unit on the lease application, identify with it with a unique ID, set the attributes of the asset (e.g. new or used, starting mileage, color, etc.).

In addition, auto leasing software lets you to create service orders related to leased asset, order services, items from 3rd party suppliers, via NAV Purchase orders, keep track of actual service cost and price and schedule appointment date and time, assign responsible officer depending on his weekly load.

The process of leasing automobiles becomes more productive

Car leasing software lets you to easily manage the entire leasing process — from the lease quote through the entire contract to reporting, so the process of leasing automobiles becomes more productive, less time consuming and less costly too.

Using car leasing software, you can create quotes, do instalment calculations, create applications, prepare instalment schedules, activate lease contracts, keep track of contract balances, terminate and close the contract. All in one place. Furthermore, system provides opportunity to originate your leases using features such as disbursement schedule, vetting check, special approval conditions and source of access.

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Written by Paul Watson

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