Things To Know About International Armoured Vehicle Conference

The International Armoured Vehicles Conference has become reputed and a well-recognized military vehicle forum for professionals from all around the globe, dealing with the armor community. The first conference of IAV was held in 2001. Since then, it is the 20th year of their functioning. The International Armoured Vehicle (IAV) Conference is an annual meeting attended by numerous personalities. They include the Armies and the Marine Corps from around the world, procurement officials, and many industry representatives.

As a quality platform for unbiased opinions, this forum elaborates and discusses subjects such as force protection and land vehicles. To be held again in the year 2020 here is what you need to know about the International Armoured Vehicles Conference.

World-class speakers

IAV Conferences invites more than 70 prominent speakers from all over the world every year. Over four days, these speakers come to share their knowledge and experiences about their field of expertise.

The speakers also talk about numerous other topics such as technologies, future threats, and the evolution of the land vehicles. Along with international colleagues, all gathered in one place; this becomes a site of excellent knowledge sharing and discussions.

Discussion panels

Arrangements for discussion panels are made for the attendees to freely discuss a staggering amount of topics of the armored community. The discussed topics include the evolution of technologies, application of these in the respective fields, and the overall advancement of current scenarios.

The IAV Conferences provide a marvelous platform for various industry experts, military leaders, speakers, technical experts, strategic leaders, and industrial suppliers to meet at one venue and engage with each other. With over 1000 attendees, and the number growing with each year, the International Armored Vehicles conference provides a forum of unparallel discussions and debates.

Display of technologies

In the International Armoured Vehicles Conference, a special section is kept reserved for the presentation of various technologies. Almost like an exhibition, this particular area includes new models, designs, and ideas, displayed for the attending crowd to witness and further discuss their applications, and uses if need be.

Updates on technologies are presented and demonstrated for all to see. Deals and orders for new models of land vehicles and other technologies are negotiated here. It provides an excellent opportunity for suppliers and clients to meet and engage with one another, all at one venue.

Acknowledged around the world

The International Armoured Vehicles Conference has achieved a prominent reputation around the world. Especially in the armored community, the IAV Conferences are well recognized by various groups. With the crowd of attendees increasing every year, the IAV Conference of 2019 noticed a very favorable group of eminent personalities.

It saw the participation of over 650 professionals of armored vehicles, hailing from as good as 42 different nations from around the globe. Inclusive of this, around 250 industry experts and more than 500 military leaders also showed up. The number itself signifies the reputation it has built among the armor community of the world.


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Written by Paul Watson

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