The Difference Between Consumer PR and B2B PR


Many people in today’s modern world dream about working within the PR industry, however one thing in which they do not know is whether they want to work within B2B PR or consumer. If you don’t know which is the best option for you keep on reading, we are going to be providing lots of advice today…

Knowing Your Audience

B2B PR specialists are often required to target tech managers and directors meaning that their audience is often similar and it is the markets which vary frequently. Consumer PR is slightly different, with consumer PR specialists required to constantly keep learning – The role of a consumer PR agency can be incredibly varied and can change of a daily basis.

Understanding market Trends

No matter whether you choose to work in B2B or consumer communications you must stay up to date with markets, trends and topics. When working in B2B you have to boast lots of knowledge regarding market trends, issues and product knowledge is a must. You need to follow the twists and turns of the industry and be able to have that conversation with the media. To work in consumer PR, you need to know the hot trends, today’s water cooler conversations, happening locations, colours, sounds, smells, and know how to get that emotional response and even entertain.

Creative Skills

Both the B2B PR and Consumer PR industries require high levels of creativity of a wide variety. Both disciplines work in constantly crowded markets. To get cut-through on that page or with that influencer your idea must be so on point and that rests on experience and knowledge of either discipline. PR communications professionals must know how to best display their knowledge and ideas in easy to understand ways.

If after reading this, you have decided whether it is B2B PR or consumer PR jobs that you are interested in we advise that you start looking today. All jobs within the PR industries can be highly rewarding and therefore when looking for Consumer PR jobs in London or any other jobs within PR it is important to use a special recruitment agency such as Premier Resourcing to Assist.

Premier Resourcing is a London based specialist PR, digital and integrated communications recruitment agency able to assist all individuals in landing their dreams jobs. Anyone looking for more details should contact the company today we are always happy to help. All of their contact details are available on their website, where the company also have an enquiry form.

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Written by David Thacker

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