Successful entrepreneur Jeff Lopes journey speaks volumes of success

Jeff Lopes

Jeff Lopes is the successful founder of brand, Kimurawear and True Blue Homes. Jeff has shifted to a new passion of educating and coaching to a level up through his platform Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast. Jeff strikes a perfect balance between family, business, and fitness. It is only the balance that can help one to drive all the goals together as per Jeff. Jeff’s various interviews on different platforms are proof how his success is speaking volumes and inspiring many fellow business owners.

About his entrepreneurial journey:

Jeff was 17 when he began his first step in business. It is the passion to drive things that led him this far. Numerous trials and lessons learnt drove him to finally launch a brand with the name Kimurawear. The brand takes pride to share that it has successfully sold over a quarter million pairs of boxing gloves since 2006. Kimurawear is one of the leading brands in boxing and martial arts equipment.

With years of experience and learning, Jeff felt more confident in experimenting with further projects in 2014. Once you drive business in the right direction, you can earn a passive income smoothly. This was the time when Jeff launched another venture, True Blue Homes.

More about Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast:

Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast has an amazing journey and a subject of interest. It was in short time the podcast earned great recognition. The podcast consists of a guest list that includes highly inspiring and motivational business entrepreneurs on a weekly basis. These guests come and speak about their individual journeys followed by tips on how to overcome challenges in business.

The podcast is free for listeners to take back home some learning and implement those in their life and business.

Upcoming projects:

With series of achievements, Jeff is all set to launch his upcoming adventure project which is a 16-acre cabin resort. The project is located in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada and is expected to be completed in 2021. He has high hopes from this project too but as he trains, he doesn’t want to be obsessed about his idea. Jeff explains how feeling attached to ideas can leave you heartbroken if those don’t work.

Jeff Lopes will continue with his existing projects of podcasting and the others too. It is because he loves to educate likeminded people and help them achieve results in their respective business ventures. We wish him all the best in all his projects.

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Written by David Thacker

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