Psychological tips to improve sales for retailers


Scientific research shows that you can influence the behaviour of buyers and entice them to shop through psychologically. From captivating signboards to luring offers and moving background score, retailers are presently using a wide range of methods to boost sales. Many companies such as Immedia even offer specialised background music services that can influence your customers into buying. Here are some effective psychological tips to enhance your sales. 

  • Captivate the shoppers with the power of music

The psychological effect of music has been proven for years now. It is known to relax you and create positivity. With the right kind of music, customers will feel at ease despite the recent ques we all find ourselves in! 

When customers feel relaxed and happy they are more likely to spend. The genre of music is also extremely important you must consider the age, gender, behavior, and inclination of your customers.

  • Create a sense of urgency

When creating point of sale signage consider the language you use, such as ‘only for today’ or ‘for this weekend only’. This creates a sense of urgency in the customers’ minds. They feel that they should buy the product before it’s too late and the price goes up again.

  • Play the scarcity card

Scarcity, relates to signage yet again – signs like ‘Hurry! Only a few left’ prove quite effective in gaining quick sales. This is all about positioning, you must consider where you place these signs instore. One common place you will see such notices is at the till when you make quick decisions.

  • Smart display

The placement of products is also a great way to make shoppers purchase. You should display discounted products at the entrance and candies, and magazines at the payment counter. You can also display products in a lower range and gradually unfold more expensive ones while interacting with them.

When visiting a supermarket milk is usually at the back of the store, this is a strategic move as one of the most popular products customers must pass all other items before getting to their desired location. This could lead to a few extra purchases.

  • Build emotions or create nostalgia with your signs

Emotions and nostalgia can work wonders. For instance, instead of ‘be a part of our club now!’ you could put up a sign saying ‘relive your golden youth day’ to encourage customers. Hitting the soft spot and playing with the customers’ emotions can significantly help you increase sales.

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Written by Sheri gill

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