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One-Stop Conveyor Belting Equipment Suppliers

One of the major elements of the industrial advancement of humanity is that of the conveyor belt. These belts allow companies to move large amounts of materials in a limited amount of time, with a limited amount of manpower needed. The amount of industries that these conveyor belts have now become common in are almost uncountable. 

In fact, the very nature of these conveyor belts has created an industry of their own. One of the best in this industry is Belting Edge Conveyor Belt Suppliers. Because there are so many different industries that work with materials of different sizes and weights, the belts themselves need to be adapted to the products they will be conveying. 

Belting Edge offers a wide range of conveyor belts, conveyor set-ups, and conveyor accessories so that industries in need can order from a single manufacturer. But just what does Belting Edge offer to the wide world of business?

For the world of food and processing what we eat, Belting Edge offers conveyor belts that don’t crush or contaminate the food. For example, one of the types of belting they offer is that of “Magnetic Food Grade Belting”. This belting offers a host of different benefits to the field, including the ability to have additives entered into the material of the belt that prevent organisms such as mold, fungi and bacteria, while keeping even the most sensitive of applications entirely safe. These belts also come in a host of different shapes, such as positive drive belts, super mag drive belts and standard flat conveyor belting. Also, worth a mention, is the Mafdel Conveyor Belting that they offer for the food industry. 

Keeping up with the times, Belting Edge also boasts an online store, where customers can view and purchase any of their conveyor components, belting and accessories without needing to visit them. Their industrial power transmissions and timing belts are made to handle whatever can possibly be thrown onto them. Whether it is the Gates Poly Chain, the NSW timing belts, the Volta VaR belts, or the adjustable V-belts from Acculink, these high-quality industrial grade belts and chains will prove to be most valuable and reliable for any industry using it. 

For those conveyor belts that require a different level or material to carry their specific material, Belting Edge offers plastic modular belting options. These can come in a large variety of different shapes, such as the dotted MW25 Flush Grid or the MW25 Vented Top Belting (that is vented, as one might guess from the name). There are also solid options, corrugated boards, spike tops, and others. 

All in all, Belting Edge offers a wide variety for anyone who might be hunting for some conveyor belting equipment. Every business in every industry can find something that would line up with their needs thanks to the extensive range that Belting Edge offers. It truly is an impressive lineup, and only looks set to grow larger as time goes on. 

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Written by David Thacker

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