Starting Up a Catering Business? Invest in These Must Have Items at Your Local Restaurant Supply Sacramento Store  

Sacramento and its surrounding neighborhoods are hubs of business activity and tourist destinations, making here a great place to have a catering business or add catering services to your established restaurant brand. But before you get started, you need to have the right type of equipment for the job. Consider the following must-have list of items to pick up at your local restaurant supply Sacramento store:

4 Must-Have Catering Items Available at Your Local Restaurant Supply Sacramento Store

  • Beverage dispensers. Beverage dispensers are a must for every type of catering business as even if you mostly serve canned or bottled products, there will be times customers ask for or your team needs tap water. Specialized items like an insulated electric beverage dispenser also offer advanced capabilities like pre-mixing beverages and agitating circulation, in addition to keeping liquids hot or cold for extended periods of time.
  • Chafing dish. Also known more simply as a chafer, chafing dishes are designed to keep buffet style foods warm until they are ready to be served. Your local restaurant supply Sacramentostore is likely to have them in a variety of sizes and styles, thereby making it easy to pick a good model for your business theme and set-up needs. For those catering businesses who frequently serve outdoors, consider getting a fuel-powered model so you won’t have to rely on nearby electric outlets to serve your dishes at their correct temperatures.
  • Folding furniture.Good restaurant supply stores offer more than just traditional cooking and serving equipment. Here, you’ll also find a variety of folding furniture at a good bulk price. Items like banquet and buffet tables are a must for catering businesses operating out of different locations as it makes it easy to adjust and meet whatever demands the customer has in terms of guest size and food amount.
  • Mobile refrigeration.Sacramento might enjoy outstanding temperate weather all year round, but some foods will undoubtedly need to be kept cooler than room temperature. A mobile refrigeration or even a mobile freezer unit is a significant must for the mobile catering business — especially for those who may find themselves at venues without ready power supply access. Quality refrigeration untis can hold as many as 10 full-size sheet pans and are built to withstand the constant use and travel the catering business requires.

Visit Your Restaurant Supply Store to Get Started

Ready to get these and other key items for your catering business? Visit our local restaurant supply Sacramento store to see the many different brands and models available for all of these key types of equipment and learn about other valuable kitchen and serving equipment.

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Written by Michael Curry

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