Industrial Operations Leadership: Lessons from UMMC

If you look at industries, the most notable thing is the intersecting of hardware and software. But behind these breathtaking automations are human minds that make them work. For an industrial system to be highly productive, good leadership comes first. Here is a closer look at the industrial operations leadership at Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC).

Adoption of Change as an Industrial Driver

A closer look at UMMC reveals that it is a company on the wheels. Since its inception, UMMC has made change part of its operational driver. But why emphasize so much on change? This strategy has ensured that the company is always on the lookout for better methods of production to enhance efficiency, productivity, and success. This desire for change has also seen the company stand out from competitors both in the European Union (EU) and across the globe.

One area that UMMC leadership’s desire and application of change to drive success is in the precious metals production system. Instead of using the standard method for silver and gold production, UMMC management opted to produce them as by-products of non-ferrous metal production. This makes the process and indeed the resultant precious metals cheaper.

Progressive Improvement as a Component of Culture

In the mining industry, the most successful companies are those that adopt progressive improvement. At all levels of UMMC operations, the leadership has been emphasizing on progressive improvement as an important component of the operational culture. Here are the key areas of progressive improvements as demonstrated by UMMC leadership.

  • Industrial production. Improvement in production is enhanced through the adoption of new technology and progressive innovation.
  • Human resources development. To make UMMC a global leader in mining and associated supplies, the staff is subjected to progressive development. This helps engineers and other workers to understand the new mining and production systems for higher efficiency.
  • Culture enrichment. In order to unlock the full potential of UMMC, the leadership has stood out from competitors because of its commitment to arm staff with a sense of purpose and engagement. The leadership not only wants its staff to work for pay, but to also own the company and be its ambassadors.

Inclusiveness and Engagement

Taking a closer look at UMMC operational design reveals a unit that is in tandem with the community. The leadership has appreciated that even though it is driven by the desire to optimize profits, including all stakeholders is a paramount component of success.

The leadership has forged partnerships with local communities, local authorities, and the country leadership to help spur growth. Every year, the company invests three billion RUB in environmental protection projects. The leadership also spends more money on education and health related projects.

To succeed in industrial production, one must have component is good leadership. As demonstrated by UMMC, good leadership is able to look at a system and make the right prediction to make growth and success possible.

If you want success, go ahead and start from the top: install good leadership.

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Written by Michael Curry


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