How You Can Open A Business In Hong Kong As A Foreigner In 2019,

Did you know that Hong Kong is the best country to start your overseas business or expand? Know this today! In the past 10 years, Hong Kong has seen a rapid development in infrastructural advancement, real estate, technology, and businesses. It is, consequently, unsurprising that fifty percent of the business owners in the globe have businesses in Hong Kong. Having a venture in Hong Kong is a definite way to launch your new organization or expand an old one. Establishing your venture in Hong Kong is sensible in lots of ways.

How To Start A Business In Hong Kong Without Living And Even Going There

In the past, you were permitted to open a Sole Trader Business in Hong Kong with no Hong Kong citizen grant. Nowadays, unless of course you are intending to stay in Hong Kong, you can simply open a limited Organization. As I said, you can move to Hong Kong and open the business on your own. Nonetheless, the Hk company’s registry needs your business to have a place of work and a business management in Hong Kong.

The great news is that you do not need to lease an office or seek the services of a full-time business secretary. There are many companies, which will be happy to offer this services for you for approximately 5-6, 000 HKD each year. They keep the cost low since the same person can act as a business admin for a number of businesses. The same applies to the office: the workplace of the company can be utilized as the authorized office address for many different businesses.

In addition to that, you can opened your business without going to Hong Kong (online registration and paper sign up are equally allowed). You’ll talk about the information by email or phone with the company of your decision, send all the required files  by email, pay via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer, get the last files at your house, and send them back the exclusive authorized copies by DHL or another worldwide courier services.

All The Files You Need To Sign-Up A Business In Hong Kong And The Process For Starting It

To begin with, you will have to pay the agency’s fee to the Hk companies registry and select a name for your new organization. Your certified company will check if the name is in Hong Kong or if it has already been taken.

Next, you will have to offer a copy of your passport, a copy of the official record as evidence of residence (for example, a driver’s license) and a set of questions such the address, your passport number and the director and investors (if you are planning to open the business alone, you could be both director and single shareholder) for your Hong Kong business.

For a simple business structure, which unless of course you have unique requirements will be adequate, your certified company will set the company through e-registration. By doing this takes less than two hours to get the new company’s license of incorporation as well  as the registration certificate after certifying the parties’ requirements on the web, for instance through Skype.

On the other hand, in case your suggested organization has only a few layers, you will receive a set of pre-signed files (the NNC1 Form – Incorporation form – and the Articles of Business Incorporation) for the shareholder and director to sign and you must send back the initial documents to your certified company by worldwide courier. That is all! The entire procedure to register the organization should take close to five business times.

How To Select A Good Company And Eliminate Scammers

With a quick Search, you will find hundreds of companies that declare they will help you open and manage a office space in Hong Kong. Although some of them are genuine, others are just cons. My encounter is there are many companies that run in a gray area.

They might not take your cash. Nevertheless, they might act as an intermediary for a company, consequently taking a piece of your fee and slowing the entire process. Alternatively, even worse, they will claim solutions that they are not able to offer and when you pay their fee, make you a far more expensive offer. These companies generally look less expensive than the honest ones (and for a valid reason!).

Why You Should Select The Experts?

The Hk company’s registry paperwork should be flawlessly filled…So, let the experts assist you to. Establishing an overseas organization in Hong Kong is better done by employing a company that is an expert on offering services to international businesses undertaking business in Hong Kong. These companies make starting or growing your company in Hong Kong much simpler. It costs you a little bit than doing it yourself nevertheless at least you have the satisfaction, enabling you to concentrate on developing your organization. The experts are able to assist you to manage your overseas business development from the start to the end.

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Written by Michael Curry

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