How to succeed as an entrepreneur


For most people, the idea of running their own business is something they consider at one stage or another. It might be a long-held dream, or it might be an idea that comes up every once in a while, when your boss is causing your grief. Or perhaps it is the idea that you could earn so much more if you run the show as opposed to be a cog in the machine. Whatever the case, running your own business is very demanding and it is not something that everyone is cut out for. But, if you are getting ready to take the plunge, here are a few tips that help you to make it on your own.

Make sure you are equipped

As much as people love a good idea, they also love a qualification. So, if you are thinking about going out and starting your own business, make sure that you have the relevant qualifications behind your name. Ideally something in a field relevant to the business, but if that is not applicable, then make sure that you have the skills required for running your own business. Something like a diploma in business management is a good place to start. It will equip you with all the basics to ensure that you are organized and on top of things as the business starts to take shape.

Differentiate yourself

One of the most important things that you need to know when going out on your own, is the answer to the question: What makes you different from your competitors. The world of business is a competitive place and as such you need to know what your competitive advantage is. And it needs to be clear in your mind. Simply being nice or having a good network of friends and colleagues is not enough to sustain a business. Are you competing on price? Do you have a unique product, or a specific skill set? In short, why should people do business with you? If you cannot answer this question, then there really is no point in even starting.

Work ethic

If you think that you worked hard when working for a boss, then you better steel yourself for how hard you will have to work when you work for yourself. As an entrepreneur, it is entirely dependent on you to make things happen. You might have staff who you employ but realistically you cannot expect them to give more than the nine to five salary that you pay them allows. As the business owner, you should be first into the office in eth morning and last out at night. The buck stops with you and the ultimate success of the business is often down to how hard you as the owner are prepared to work.


Make sure that your business has the ability to scale. If you cannot scale, then you cannot grow and the wealth that you are seeking will remain elusive. One of the best ways to scale is to employ people. In other words, if you run a plumbing business you cannot grow it if you are the only plumber able to go and do jobs. There is a finite amount of time in the day and a finite amount of jobs that you can do in a day – but if you go out and hire three more plumbers to work for you, then suddenly your earning capacity has increased.


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Written by Paul Watson

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