How to choose the right pipe and steel products?

When doing construction, it is essential to use suitable pipe and steel products to avoid early damage. Using the wrong materials in your pipe and bad quality steel products will only add to your repair costs and can damage your whole property. Selecting suitable pipe and piping materials for your construction needs involves many factors. The architect should make these decisions depending on the type of project and identify the advantages and disadvantages of using the pipe materials in that particular project. Therefore, it is better to purchase good-quality products at the start and from a reputed pipe and steel company like Stealth Pipe and Steel

Tips to choose the right pipe and steel products: 

  • Check if the material can handle internal and external pressure: This is an important factor to consider when choosing pipe and steel products. Most of the pipeline is used to transfer liquid. The liquid being transported in the pipe will always be under high pressure and there will be an internal pressure acting against the pipe. If the pipe cannot withstand these two extreme pressures, then it will burst and lead to costly damages. Fluoropolymer pipes (PTFE) are the best kinds, especially for industrial uses. 
  • Facilitate easy joints: Pipe joints are used to connect multiple pipes in the pipeline system. You must use pipe material that can easily facilitate easy joints. Otherwise, it will lead to extra expenses and the work will slow down too. You must use materials that are easy to bend and cut to be able to work on them easily. 
  • Durable: You must select the most durable type of pipe depending on the type of material that will be transported in it. You must consider if the liquid is corrosive or non-corrosive.  Highly corrosive liquids like ammonia, crude oil, and other acidic liquids will require corrosion-resistant pipe material such as a plastic CPVC pipe or lined pipe. On the other hand, the least corrosive fluids will require carbon steel or metal pipeline. Using the right material will ensure the durability of the pipeline system.  

There are numerous types of pipes available in the market today and it is overwhelming to make the right decision when choosing the right piping material that you need. The properties of pipe materials vary widely. These properties of the materials should be considered before applying them to the specific project. For example – if your building needs a heating system then it is best to use steel pipes for the purpose as it has properties like resistance to heat, good strength, etc. If too confused, it is best to take the help of a reputed pipe and steel company to make the right decision. 

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Written by Danny Dotson

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