How Do Insurance Calculators Help in Choosing a Suitable Insurance Cover for Your Needs?

It is essential you are confident of the insurance policy that you are about to buy – be it life insurance or a general insurance policy. The premium of your policy is not based on one factor, but a combination of many factors coming together. 

Insurance is a legal contract between you, the policyholder, and the insurance company. Once you understand what checks all the right boxes depending on your needs, you can buy a policy that is suitable among the plethora of alternatives. But this can be confusing due to the complex terminologies that make up the policy terms. However, assessing the impact of different considerations helps to determine how much premium will be charged. While it is not so straightforward to determine such impact, an insurance calculator is a tool that helps to know the impact of different factors on the overall premium of your policy.

Here are some of the different reasons that aid in selecting a suitable insurance cover:

Simplification of the insurance purchase process

Without the help of a premium calculator, knowing what the premium will be is tricky. Before such tools were introduced, buyers had no option but to agree with insurer’s quote and accept as is. However, with a premium calculator, now you can decide what component of your policy is impacted the premium and can be accordingly altered. 

Ease of balancing finances

General insurance plans are generally thought of as additional financial burden. With a premium calculator, it is easy to know what the tentative premiums will be based on the coverage, policy terms and other similar factors. This can help plan finances accordingly for buyers that may not seem like an additional burden but, in fact, add value to their asset that is being insured. 

Comparison of plans

Comparison is the key in selecting a policy that suits you well. Like you compare other products that you buy, you also must compare insurance covers. There are myriad options and picking one can get confusing since a lot of them are similar with minor, but crucial differences. A car, two-wheeler, or health insurance premium calculator is convenient in comparison of plans and then making a choice of the right policy. Also, this comparison is possible at the click of a button and you need not approach multiple insurers to finalise on one. 

Knowing of the different factors that impact your premium

Another advantage of using an insurance calculator is to understand which are factors that impact your premium. For instance, IDV is one of the crucial components that impact motor insurance premiums. So, increasing or lowering such IDV will have a direct impact on the amount you need to pay to the insurance company. Likewise, for health insurance premiums, age is a crucial factor, but it cannot be controlled. 

With the above benefits of a premium calculator elaborated, do not skip this crucial step of comparison and computing the impact of different factors. You need to consider how much insurance coverage you need based on the available financial support, the beneficiaries and more such aspects. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale. 

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Written by Michael Curry

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