How Divya Gandotra Checks The Quality Of A Writing Piece?

Whether you want to sell your homemade chocolates or desire to seal a multinational deal, you must have good content writing team on board to market your brand. Content marketing indeed dominates today digital sphere, so eventually, content is what sells today. 

You must have a team of pristine content writers who can take up the job of weaving your ideas and stories into appetizing words before serving it to your readers. 

So, I assume that you already have a team of dedicated and expert writers, but how do you make sure that a writing piece is worth going over the net?

Indeed, it is a dilemma that often makes things difficult for marketers and entrepreneurs. That’s why, I, Divya Gandotra, Managing DirectorEMIAC Technologies will be sharing my insights regarding filtering a writing piece. 

Who is Divya Gandotra?

Before I get into the details of the blog, it is better to introduce myself and let you know why I am a trusted source to get this valuable guidance from. 

I started my journey as a content writer when I decided to turn my passion into profession. Gradually, after understanding the market scenario and learning the nitty-gritty of digital marketing, I started my digital agency, EMIAC Technologies, Pvt. Ltd. 

Possessing more than eight years of experience in this sphere, I have been guiding businesses and brands to reach the zenith of productivity via content marketing. 

Divya Gandotra, as a writer, has always been experimental and forever in the process of learning. However, as the Managing Director of a digital agency, I have picked up a few things along the way that has made me an expert in my field. 

So, without a further ado, let’s begin with judging a writing piece on the ground of specific quality checkers. 

What Are The Quality Checkers of Divya Gandotra For A Good Writing Piece? 

#1 Clarity Before Quantity

It doesn’t matter how easy the words seem to you as long as your readers aren’t able to comprehend them quickly. Whenever you are reading content, make sure to read with your target audience in mind. 

For instance, when you write acronyms, you cannot expect your readers to understand them naturally. It would help if you’ll make clarifications by adding the full form before the reader can skip to the next sentence. 

Don’t expect your readers to eat whatever you feed them. Treat them like infants and make all the words completely digestible. 

#2 Relevance Is A Must

Why would a reader spend his/her valuable time reading a content that doesn’t add any value to their life? Relevance is the key to getting noticed. 

Never try to sell your product/service, try to connect with the writer and touch their pain point. Targeting the right audience is also essential to remain relevant. 

It is as simple as that when you are advertising a female hygiene product, you can’t talk about the issues of beard growth and shaving bumps. 

Check the relevance of the writing piece before forwarding it.

#3 No Scope For Silly Errors

We are humans, and we are prone to make mistakes, but these errors must not be too fatal that you lose your credibility. A poorly edited and grammatically improper piece of writing will reflect adversely on your brand position. 

There’s no excuse for overlooking naïve errors. Grammatical errors, typos, omissions, punctuation, misspellings, and other vital aspects of writing must be checked thoroughly before approving. 

Imagine writing “First Come, First Serve” instead of “First Come, First Served”. Without adding the “d” to the serve, the sentence will suggest that whoever comes first will be serving everyone. 

That will be a big-time blooper.

Of course, there are plenty of ways in which you can check a writing piece, but these are some of the critical quality checkers that you must not overlook. 

Writers at EMIAC Technologies follow these quality checkers before sending across their work. 

For more assistance regarding writing a pristine content, you can contact Divya Gandotra, MD, EMIAC Technologies, Pvt. Ltd.

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Written by Paul Watson

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