How can we avoid Google scam ads?

Defending against click scams:

Many major search engines, including Google, have taken measures to fight against click fraud to avoid charging companies for fraudulent views. Google’s anti-click fraud algorithm works to sift through clicks. And identify possible false clicks before asking the ad proprietor. The search engine behemoth also performs manual click evaluations to ensure that hits on advertisements come from genuine searchers. Lastly, if you collect proof that specific views came through an ad to your site through fraudulent means, Google will receive a few cases. When preventing click fraud on google, we should know all these techniques.

Google Ads IP Exclusions:

You can block future Google Ads from serving that place if you recognize the IP addresses responsible for click fraud. It could be a case of fraudulent hits if you observe a frequent user who does not take action on your site. Blocking your Google Search for that specific IP address can help keep illegal behaviour under control. Click on the Google Adwords campaign that needs to get omitted and select the “IP Exclusion link” from the “Advanced Settings” menu. Choose “Change” and enter the fraudulent IP address. Then select “Save,” and you’re all set. The  preventing click fraud on google is very important for every individual to protect them

Take note of the timestamp:

Keeping a watch on a user’s action date from when they browse your site until they take any action is critical for Google AdWords fraud prevention. It is because any user with a malicious purpose will click on your ads and access your website without taking any further action. It is suggested to block such a user’s IP address to protect your site from click fraud.

Make use of Google Statistics:

Many website proprietors use Google Analytics to help them detect and avoid fraudulent behaviour. It checks the efficacy of your website and the terms you’re working with, but it also flags repeated ad clicks from suspicious IP addresses. You should check your Google AdWords account to confirm you’re not spending for fraudulent behaviour. To do so, go to your account’s “Tools” area and select “Billing and Purchases” from the “Setup” box. Pick “View Transactions and Documents,” and all incorrect hits will get listed under the “Invalid Behaviour” area.

Consider using Google Display Network Remarketing Programs:

Remarketing enables users to see advertisements only if they were previously interested in them while online. Because they won’t see those advertisements, producers can prevent click fraud. Companies that provide exhibit marketing services can assist with this procedure.

Keep an eye out for your rivals:

With the potential to devastate advertising budgets, it’s simple to see how click fraud provides rivals with an unfair edge. Always keep an eye on who is vying for your terms in search engines. Search Google for the keywords you want to target and see which other companies are running advertisements for those terms. Check the rivalry in paid search to see if the keywords you’re considering have a business purpose.

Only go after high-value domains:

Low-quality websites, which are frequently linked with bots that autonomously target your site and advertising, are a crucial source of click fraud. By putting your ads on sites you know are full of prospective customers, you can avoid low-quality websites. Both Google and Yahoo! allow you to create ad campaigns that only run advertisements on the websites you designate, allowing you to circumvent sites that take a cut of your ad spend.

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Written by David Thacker

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