Fintech Marketing Strategy for 2020

Fintech Marketing is a combination of advanced marketing techniques adjusted for the finance sector. Evolving fintech marketing strategies replace outdated techniques with the current ones. The advanced technologies include automation, planning, and personalization of financial services for its potential audience. Customizable services, personalized attention, adoption of new technologies and strategies can help the financial sector meet the clients’ needs. 

While the traditional fintech and banking sectors continue to tussle and collaborate on global grounds, the new fintech marketing strategies can uplift the financial market and boost the performance. Below we discuss some of the fintech marketing strategies and trends to look forward to in 2020, and for more you can visit PaySpace Magazine that specifically features fintech startup news.

Mobile, Mobile, and Mobile

51.65% of the Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile responsive websites and mobile applications are the primary thing to consider. Smartphone-friendly websites with simple and engaging design are essential to improve in Google rankings. Offering a mobile version will also meet customer expectations.  If you are looking forward to successful fintech marketing, create a website that is clean and has well-defined widgets. Informative content is also a bonus.

Make Your Content Valuable

Customers are driven by content. Content is an ideal strategy to improve fintech solutions. Whether it is B2C or B2B, customers look for content that helps them make decisions. Whether you are looking to educate millennials about financial solutions, or tell business owners about how it is best to handle their financial statements, you need content that provides value. 

Make your content is valuable in 2020, because content marketing is one of the top marketing strategies that can boost sales. And do not forget that your potential audience is also using voice search.

Audio, Video and Images Will Boost Sales

A high quality video can explain finance better than a chunk of text. Thanks to YouTube and other channels that allow companies to have their stories told in less than 30 seconds! Visuals have the power to grab attention of the audience, and visual representation of concepts, ideas, and techniques in the finance sector is an excellent strategy that can be followed in 2020.

Visual stories can convert complex concepts into simple ones. This allows businesses to easily communicate with their audience and reach masses. Whether it is about informing about a product or service, simply engaging with the audience, or explaining current trends, the visual component is important to get started. 

Don’t Forget to Socialize

Social Media is yet another strong technique for Fintech. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat help companies reach their audience quickly. Businesses should find the most relevant social media platform that would help promote products and services to potential target groups. Explore the opportunities provided by different social media platforms. Engage with the potential audience and improve your sales. 

These are some of the essential fintech marketing strategies that will serve as a strong foundation for your marketing efforts this 2020. If you have not opted for any of these strategies, start planning right away!

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Written by Paul Watson

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